Sunday, June 15, 2014

Religious indoctrination is child abuse. The child abusers belong in prison.

"Atheists: Do you honestly find fault with passing on your beliefs to your children?" 

Good question. 

Beliefs are wrong. Children need to understand anything that requires a belief (no evidence) should be thrown out. 

Religious indoctrination is legal but it's child abuse. The child abusers should be ashamed of themselves because they are actually damaging their children's brains. 

The problem is Christians know their fantasies are ridiculous and would never be accepted by a grownup person. And that's why they brainwash their victims when they're very young, instead of waiting until their brain is fully developed.

UPDATE: The fucking crybabies who work for Yahoo deleted my answer. What a bunch of cowardly fucking assholes. Fuck you Yahoo.

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