Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New evidence shows Tyrannosaurus rex was a predator (as if that wasn't already obvious).

According to Tyrannosaur left a tooth behind in another dinosaur T. rex was a predator who hunted, killed, and ate other dinosaurs.

This interesting discovery (a T. rex tooth found in a fossil of another dinosaur) reminded me about something that is very disgusting which is the breathtaking stupidity of Americans. It's for many good reasons the country I live in is called Idiot America.

Why would evidence that shows T. rex was a predator remind me about moronic Americans? If you live in a civilized country you're probably not going to believe this but it's true. Millions of Americans believe the gigantic powerful T. rex lived at the same time as us human apes.

This total denial of reality is a religious problem and Idiot America is extremely religious, about equal to the Muslim theocracies.

We have a very large population of Bible thumpers. These fucking idiots believe everything in the Bible is a fact. And I mean everything including the childish disgusting Noah's Ark genocide myth. Even I thought it was impossible for anyone to be stupid enough to believe the Noah's Ark bullshit but I was wrong. Millions of Americans believe the whole thing, including their god fairy's murder of thousands of babies.

These same drooling morons believe every religious fantasy including the Magic God Fairy, the Magic Jeebus Man, heaven, hell, angels, Satan, and the magical creation of people and dinosaurs (and the entire fucking universe) 6,000 years ago. I'm not joking. They believe all this bullshit.

If you ask one of these fucking assholes a question like "T. rex would have eaten people for lunch. Their huge powerful teeth could chop a person in half with one bite. So how can you possibly believe people could have shared a planet with these monsters?"

Their answer: "T. rex was a vegetarian." Really. I'm not making any of this up.

Not all Americans are batshit crazy. A small minority of us are normal (aka atheists). We're about 15% of our population. Most of us keep this a secret because atheists make Americans cry.

The problem is intense religious brainwashing combined with inferior science education. We can't control the child abuse but we should do something about our teachers. We have lots of competent teachers but most of our public school science teachers don't know anything about science. They need to be fired immediately because it's not fair to students to get stuck with an idiot teacher who should never have been allowed to graduate from high school.

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