Friday, July 5, 2013

At another website somebody explained why uneducated morons love their religious fantasies.

This was an answer to a question I asked.

My question: Why do some people prefer religious fantasies while other people prefer scientific facts?

First, science is really confusing and requires that ultimate demon, Math! Religion is specifically designed for understanding by the less well gifted.

Second, reality tends to be a little harsh. It includes unpleasant ideas like, we are all going to die. Religion is specifically designed to promise only happy results for its members. Life everlasting! Crushing your enemies!

Third, science teaches that we are really only important to ourselves. Other than the damage we do to the planet, of course. Religion is specifically designed to assure us that we are the only important thing in the universe and that god is our wing man!

Looks like religion= 3; science = 0!

-- biggalloot2003

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