Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heaven is the wishful thinking of cowards.

Christians (and other superstitious idiots), this post is for you. You might think I'm being disrespectful but I would be very dishonest if I pretended to respect you and the terrible disease you're infected with. What you Christians need to do is first admit you're sick. Only then can you begin to recover from the intense brainwashing that made your mental illness possible.

COWARD: a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.

To believe in heaven a person has to be extremely gullible, extremely stupid, batshit crazy, and most important of all the idiot has to be a coward. This means most Americans are cowardly feeble-minded nutjobs.

Try to imagine a world without the idiotic cowardly heaven fantasy. People would be more likely to live healthy lifestyles if they knew they were nothing more than worm food after dropping dead. And of course there would be no 9/11 atrocities and no suicide bombings.

A world without a childish belief in heaven would be a world with permanently empty churches, mosques, and synagogues because the existence of all religions is completely dependent on the ridiculous idea there is life after death. The world's worthless religious leaders would have to get real jobs.

There is of course not one shred of evidence for a heaven. According to preachers, priests, clerics, and other professional assholes, a person has to be dead to see this magical paradise. How convenient for them. They can be certain their customers will never be able to ask for their money back.

Even though only drooling morons would be able to believe in a life after death, religion is very lucrative for the dishonest assholes who sell heaven, especially in backward countries like the Muslim theocracies and Idiot America where there is no shortage of gullible cowardly imbeciles.

Anyone who wishes for a world without religious violence and religious insanity should attack heaven bullshit because it's the foundation of all other religious bullshit. Kill heaven and all other supernatural fantasies die with it.

Unfortunately it's not easy to convince billions of cowards to grow up, but a good place to start would be to convince young victims of religious indoctrination their parent are idiots.

It would be nice if public schools could have a subject called religious bullshit but that's not possible in America thanks to our Establishment Clause which prohibits public schools from teaching anything about religions. However teaching the science of evolution is legal and if properly taught, preferably starting at a very young age, students might be able to figure out on their own that since people are just one small twig on the vast evolutionary tree of life, it makes no sense to pretend we are special creations of a fairy who would magically send us to a magical heaven.

My point is people are equal to all other species. If we have a soul that flies to the clouds after we drop dead, then what about every other creature who has evolved just as much as we have to their different niche. For example why don't cockroaches live eternally in a magical place full of garbage to eat. That's ridiculous but no more insane than a dead human ape being able to eat filet mignon for eternity.

It's easy to understand why there is a never ending Christian war against science education in this country. Christians know teaching evolution can destroy their death cult, so they desperately harass and threaten biology teachers to prevent their children from learning anything about reality.

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