Saturday, March 26, 2016

There is so much religious bullshit in the Wall Street Journal they should change the name of their newspaper to "The Christian Journal". I wrote a comment at an article about the magical resurrection of the dead Magic Jeebus Man. The comments from Christian scum are numerous. All these Christian retards are totally insane.

Hello sir.
"I believe that Jesus died, was buried and rose again."
The word "believe" is your problem. You just believe it. You can't say "I accept the evidence for it" because there is no real evidence. The 500 dead gullible witnesses, who may or may not be real, are not evidence for anything.
I prefer reality. A basic fact of reality is dead animals stay dead including us human apes.
I think the problem is wishful thinking. Some people believe in things that make them feel good. For example the crazy idea there's a magical paradise where dead people can have a magical 2nd life. I wouldn't wish for it but American Christians and the Islamic State terrorists like the fantasy so they believe it.
Believe this stuff if you want. Nobody cares. But I suggest it's a waste of a life to believe in something that couldn't possible be true.

At the same WSJ article I wrote some more stuff:

"When someone finally started to document Jesus’s life, it is at least 40 years after he died and is based solely on hearsay, or what people seem to remember."
I noticed the same thing. Christians don't seem to understand all the Jesus quotes were probably made up. Jesus never wrote anything down and there is no evidence he could read or write.
Also, Jesus was most certainly a creationist as was everyone else who lived in ancient times. Now we know creationism is totally wrong, but the son of an all-knowing god knew nothing about science.
Then of course there's the magical resurrection thing which is completely impossible and definitely never happened. It's just another made up story.
If Christians ever learned how to think they would be able to figure out their cult is ridiculous and should be thrown out.
A Christian retard who is not too good at spelling wrote this:
' Definately never happened ' you say . How can you can be definative about something not happening and at the same time lambast others for being definative about that same thing happening ? You can't prove definatively against anything , any more than anyone can prove it so . You either believe or you don't.
This was my reply. Notice I have to pretend to be nice at that place.
You asked a good question. The answer is very simple. A decomposing corpse definitely can not become alive again because it's completely totally and most certainly impossible.
To believe in this ridiculous disgusting fantasy a person would have to pretend magic is real. Magical stories are sometimes interesting (for example the Harry Potter books) but there is no magic in the universe. Magic is not real. Period.
And with all due respect sir, it's ridiculous I have to explain this simple and obvious fact of reality.

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