Monday, March 7, 2016

Somebody called Skeptic NY wrote an excellent comment about the overwhelming evidence for evolution and the fucking retards who deny the whole thing. Some nitpicking: I don't see how there could be evidence for evolution from astronomy.

Whether you like it or not the Theory of Evolution is the most well established, the most well supported theory in all of science. The fact of evolution (there is no doubt about this) is explained in great detail - from virtually all fields of science - from genetics, geology, paleontology, archeology, anthropology, microbiology, molecular biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, botany, etc - by the theory of evolution. It has more evidence to support it than the Theory of Gravity - yet we see no Christian loons complaining about gravity do we? There is not one piece of empirical evidence (NOT ONE) to suggest evolution is not the best explanation for the diversity of life on this planet. To suggest Creationism or it's sibling Intelligent Design is a viable alternative to real science is either delusional, willfully ignorant or dishonest. Which of the three are you?
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      Well done what you wrote. The answer to your question is all three. Especially willful ignorance. The science deniers go way out of their way to know nothing. There is nobody more lazy than a loony creationist.

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