Tuesday, March 15, 2016

At the WSJ a Catholic asshole deleted my comment. This is what I wrote about the fucking coward.

I wrote a comment about the obvious fact that the Catholic Church invents their magical miracles and the obvious fact their brainwashed customers believe every ridiculous fantasy they are told to believe. Some Catholic crybaby had the comment deleted. This is how religious cowards defend their idiotic cults, with censorship.
You god-soaked cowards have my contempt.
Why can't you American Christians/Catholics provide just one shred of real evidence for just one of your moronic fantasies?
I know why. You have nothing but your wishful thinking and your cowardly fear of reality.
By the way dead witnesses and your total ignorance of science are not evidence for anything.
One more thing. Before my comment was censored Mr. Frederick A. Green wrote "Your ignorance is unmeasured."
Mr. Green, I know everything about your disgusting death cult. I was one of millions of victims of religious brainwashing at a Catholic school. This is what keeps your cult from going extinct, brainwashing of children. And you know it.
When the brainwashing doesn't work you people use censorship to defend your primitive religions.


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