Thursday, March 24, 2016

I wrote the first comment at a WSJ article about some idiot who wrote a book about the Magic Jeebus Man.

Hello folks. Hardcore atheist and anti-theist here.
I congratulate Mr. Lewis for making tons of money for selling a book about nonsense. The religion industry is very lucrative.
"Lewis acts like a guide on the journey from unbelief to faith."
"Faith" is the keyword. Faith is an excuse to believe in whatever makes people feel good. The problem is if something requires faith then it has no real evidence and it's probably totally wrong.
What keeps these childish supernatural fantasies from going extinct is the relentless brainwashing of young gullible children. The brainwashers know the indoctrination has to start at a very young age. They know they can't wait until the victims are old enough to think for themselves.
I try to be optimistic about this terrible problem. I think science education and the internet are killing the moronic Magic Man fantasy and that's a good thing.

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