Monday, August 11, 2014

The religious implications of evolution and why the god-soaked fear science.

Islam requires throwing out human evolution. It's OK for Muslims to accept evolution for other creatures but definitely not for human apes. Muslims who grow up and accept 21st century science almost always throw out Islam, while of course keeping quiet about it to avoid being executed. 

For some Christian cults it's different. They can accept human evolution but always they stick their magical god fairy into it. Christians can't accept a scientific fact without polluting it with magic. 

The existence of religions completely depends on this fantasy: People are special and not just apes who descended from ancient apes. The idea is we are so special we get to magically fly to a magical paradise after we drop dead. It's this cowardly disgusting fantasy that makes religion possible. And this is why evolution is the greatest possible threat to religion, because evolution shows that there's nothing special about us. We are just one small insignificant twig on the vast tree of life.

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