Sunday, August 31, 2014

The god-soaked idiots of Idiot America

petrosianpupil wrote:
I'm interested bobyyyy, why do you think that the science deniers are mainly in the USA? It's almost an industry? Not like this in the UK. All these videos they post, they have invested huge amounts of energy and time for something that seems to me to be entirely illogical.
I am aware that Idiot America where I live is infested with at least 100 million science deniers. The problem is Christian extremism plus extremely inferior science education. And of course most Americans are uneducated morons.
And yes we have a religion industry that does everything they can to dumb down science education and spread lies about science.
The Christian war against science education never ends despite the fact they always lose in court. Christian scum frequently harass and threaten biology teachers who have the nerve to teach the foundation of biology, aka evolution, in their biology classrooms. And this is why I call Christian scum "stupid fucking assholes".
What you call "entirely illogical", aka magical creationism, I call the most ridiculous childish fantasy ever invented. Our Christian scum want to throw out all of biology and replace it with the idea there is a magical being who hides in the clouds and waves its magic wand to magically create millions of species out of nothing.
And our atheist wimps actually complain when I don't suck up to these stupid fucking insane assholes.

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