Saturday, August 2, 2014

A few things I learned recently about Islam, aka the world's largest terrorist organization.

Muslims are stupid assholes. Here is a list of some of their problems.

Millions of Christians (sort of) accept human evolution (they always stick their god fairy in there). Virtually zero Muslims accept human evolution. Strangely some Muslims accept evolution but not for humans. They don't want to throw out their "people are special" fantasy they get from their holy book. To make sure no Muslim understands the science that makes them cry, in Muslim countries teaching evolution is against the law even at the University level. Muslims are born stupid and they stay stupid.

Interesting fact: Muslims who educate themselves and find out human evolution is a scientific fact virtually always throw out Islam.

Cowardly Muslim assholes require women to cover their hair, and in some of the most backward theocracies the women must cover their entire body with a tent with slits for their eyes. They call this disgusting black thing a burka. Apparently Muslims are afraid of women.

Women who are raped are not considered victims. Instead they are punished for getting raped. Often their own father kills them to protect the honor of the family.

For adultery women are buried up to their necks. Then all the cowardly assholes in the village (every male) throw rocks at her head until she's dead. There is zero punishment for her male partner.

For Islam the brainwashing is extremely intense. Most school subjects are thrown out to make time for the indoctrination. Of course there is always brain damage from this child abuse which explains why Muslims are so fucking stupid.

Muslim children (the victims) must think everyone is a Muslim and nobody is an atheist. The reason for this is any Muslim who becomes an atheist, aka normal person, could be killed for it, either by the government or by a Muslim. When Muslims decide to grow up, accept reality, and stop hiding in the Dark Ages, they keep quiet about it to avoid harassment or being murdered.

They have something called Ramadan which lasts about one month. During Ramadan no eating and no drinking of water is allowed until it's time for the one meal of the day. The no eating is not a big deal but going without water that long is very bad for the health and for pregnant women there is great harm to the fetus which is another reason Muslims are so fucking stupid.

These fucking idiots pray five times a day, even if that interferes with their jobs. If I was an employer I would not hire a Muslim asshole for this reason. Also, it would not be fair to the other employees to have to work with a fucktard who belongs to the world's largest terrorist organization.

When Muslim scum pray they usually do it in a mosque where they kneel then bend over stretching their arms in front of them. It's like a yoga class except it's stupid. Of course men and women are segregated during these prayers because Muslims are afraid of women.

Muslims are either terrorists or they call terrorists "martyrs" as if blowing yourself up to kill women and children is a virtue.

The suicide bombings are daily, often several Muslims blow themselves up the same day.

Islam: The belief that you can attain a personal relationship with god through blowing yourself up.

In the Muslim theocracies the violence is out of control. Usually it's between two branches of Islam, Sunnis and Shiites. Because of a minor disagreement about prophets several centuries ago, these two cults never stop killing each other. Muslims are uncivilized idiots.

Fuck off and die Muslim scum.

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