Sunday, June 9, 2013

Religion insanity is a never ending problem in Idiot America because our idiots are the world's brainwashing experts.

In America most children learn about the magic jeebus man long before they learn anything about evolution. By the time they are students in their first science class the brain damage is already incurable.

At another website I interrupted a conversation between Christian parents who were trying to solve a problem they have. They were concerned about the influence of normal people (aka atheists) who could convince their children to not believe their parent's idiotic religious stories.

"Considering that no matter how diligently you've instilled the word of God in your kids, they ain't like us yet."

Sorry to interrupt. I would just like to point out that religious indoctrination is child abuse and it's wrong. Most certainly you don't train young children to be Republicans or Democrats. So why do you think it's OK to train the same young children to be members of your branch of your religion? Why not be a civilized person and let them grow up first when they are able to think for themselves instead of blindly believing everything daddy and mommy tell them to believe?

Perhaps you know if you wait until they grow up they would never buy your bullshit. Is that what you're worried about?

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