Friday, June 28, 2013

All religions must be eradicated.

Some facts: Magic god fairies are not real because magic is bullshit. Therefore all religions are bullshit.

So what? Who cares? Isn't it fair to say an idiot's religious fantasies are harmless?

No, it isn't fair to say that. Religions have a long history of causing great harm to the human race and the problem is getting worse. Religious violence is out of control and religious stupidity is out of control.

I recently read something in our local newspaper about a moron who said he made a commitment to the magic jeebus man when he was 8 years old. This happens every day in Idiot America. Only 8 years old and the brain damage is permanent.

I wrote "All religions must be eradicated." I used to think this was possible because it should be easy to eradicate bullshit. The problem is stupid people almost always get married to someone who is equally retarded. Their children inherit the stupidity and religious indoctrination makes their stupidity worse. It never ends. There is no hope.

It was a Tuesday morning. I was relaxing in hot water in my bathtub. The phone rang. My answering machine went on. Somebody said "Turn on your TV. There was an explosion in New York City." I turned my radio on in the bathroom. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was September 11, 2001.

I got to the TV in the living room as fast as I could. There was the World Trade Tower. But wait. There's only one tower. What happened to the other tower? Then Dan Rather, a TV news person with no brain, said there is an unconfirmed report about one of the World Trade Center towers collapsing. Unconfirmed? I said "Dan Rather, you fucking idiot, look at your TV."

A few minutes later I watched, as it happened, the 2nd tower caving in on itself. I was watching one thousand people being murdered.

This is why all religions must be eradicated. Even though I think there is no hope, this has to be the goal of everyone who is not insane.

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