Thursday, June 27, 2013

In a perfect world everyone would be an atheist and a fiscal conservative.

In other words in a perfect world everyone would be like me.

Atheist: A person who accepts reality.

Fiscal conservative: Fiscal conservatism is a politicoeconomic philosophy with regards towards fiscal policy and the advocating of fiscal responsibility. Fiscal conservatives advocate and often consider avoiding deficit spending and the reduction of overall government spending and national debt as well as ensuring balanced budget of paramount importance. Fiscal conservatives would also support pay-as-you-go financial policies. Free tradederegulationlower taxes, and other conservative policies are also often, but not necessarily, affiliated with fiscal conservatism.

The "lower taxes" idea makes sense. Liberals want to punish hard work and success with higher taxes. How is that going to help the economy?

America now has one of the most liberal presidents ever. And that is the reason why for several years millions of desperate Americans can't find a job.

What bugs me the most about our liberal extremist president is his idea that even though he is my employee (Obama works for the voters. I vote.) this stupid fucking asshole had the nerve to tell me I have to purchase something I don't want and don't need, health insurance, as if I should be forced to subsidize American slobs who smoke, drink, eat garbage food, and never get off their couch.

Fuck off Obama. This is a capitalist country. You don't belong here.

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