Friday, September 30, 2011

The stupidity burns at Bob Jones University.

At Bob Jones University an idiot who pretends he's a scientist wrote "Evolution is an ideology; it is a religion. It definitely is not a fact."

Do I need to say anything more about the know-nothing full-of-shit Dr. Gray? I don't think so. His bullshit speaks for itself. This fake university, by the way, is where a Christian asshole of a previous post received a MA in Bible and a PhD in Theology. All that education to become a bullshit expert.

I have repeatedly written this before but one more time. Evolution is a basic scientific fact. Evolutionary biology is a branch of science. Scientific facts are not religious beliefs.

The Christian Death Cult is a religion. Evolution is the foundation of biology. Biology is not a religion.

Only in Idiot America would it be necessary to explain what should be obvious to any five year old in a normal country.

For any evolution deniers who are reading this post, I suggest you grow up and educate yourself. If you're too cowardly to grow up, or if you're too lazy to read Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne, or if you're too stupid to understand Why Evolution is True, then I respectfully suggest that you shut the fuck up and get out of here.

Guess where Bob Jones University is. It's in Idiot America of course.

What state in Idiot America? Most certainly Bob Jones University is in the Deep South, also known as the brain-dead Bible Belt. One moment, I will look it up.

Bob Jones University is in South Carolina, a state infested with Bible thumping Christian assholes. My prediction was correct. All of Idiot America is infested with idiots, but the highest concentration of idiots, also known as the Christian Taliban, is the Bible Belt of the Deep South, where Christians used their worthless Bible to justify slavery and where they still use their Bible to justify their racism.

Real universities don't teach bullshit. Real universities are not infested with science deniers. Bob Jones University is not a university. Bob Jones University is a school for idiots who want to be even more stupid than they already are. The Bob Jones University is equivalent to a Middle Eastern school where they teach students how to be terrorist assholes.

For more information about the Christian scum and fake scientists of Greenville, South Carolina you can visit the Bob Jones University website at



Only 11 years ago in the year 2000 Bob Jones University had a rule that prevented white students and black students from going out with each other. Interracial dating was not allowed. Most likely the racist students didn't complain.

I'm not surprised. Evolution deniers are more likely to be racists. Christian assholes are more likely to be racists. The Bible Belt of the Deep South is where white Christians owned black slaves. Christian assholes have used their worthless Bible to justify slavery and they still use their idiotic Bible to justify their racism.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One of the greatest days in baseball history

OFF TOPIC: This post has absolutely nothing to do with this blog but I want to share it here anyway because it was the most fantastic and amazing baseball game I have ever watched. Last night at work I watched the entire last game of the season between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. (I get paid to entertain myself. It's a long story.)

It was a must win game for Tampa Bay and at the same time there was another game going on between the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles which was a must win game for Boston. Both Boston and Tampa Bay were exactly even in the race to be in the playoffs and these were their last games of the season.

In Baltimore the Boston team was winning 2 to 1 and then there was a long rain delay. Meanwhile Tampa Bay, in the 8th inning, was losing 7 to zero. Everyone agreed Tampa Bay had virtually no chance of winning the game they had to win.

Then a Yankee pitcher was making some terrible mistakes before he was pulled out the game, including walking the batters and hitting the batters with the ball. This combined with some hits including a home run gave Tampa Bay 6 runs in one inning. The crowd was screaming.

In the bottom of the 9th inning Tampa Bay was still losing 7 to 6. There were two outs. There was nobody on base. The last Tampa Bay batter had two strikes. Everyone agreed there was no hope for Tampa Bay. Then the batter hit a home run, tying the game 7 to 7 and sending it into extra innings. The crowd went nuts.

Now it's the top of the 12th inning. The Yankees are up. They have zero outs. They have runners on 1st and 3rd base. Everyone agreed Tampa Bay was going to lose this game.

Then a Yankee batter hit the ball to the 3rd baseman who noticed the Yankee on 3rd base had started running for home plate and now was trying to return to 3rd base. He almost made it back to 3rd base in time but the 3rd baseman tagged him out. That still left two runners on 1st and 2nd base with only one out but the worst problem was just solved and eventually the Yankees had 3 outs with the two runners still on 1st and 2nd base. The crowd became deliriously happy.

Then during the bottom of the 12th inning some unexpected news from Baltimore flashed on the screen at the Tampa Bay stadium. Boston was winning in the bottom of 9th inning 3 to 2. The Boston Red Sox pitcher had just struck out two batters and he needed just one more pitch to strike out the 3rd batter to win the game. There was nobody on the bases. Everyone agreed Baltimore was going to lose. Then with two outs, two strikes, and nobody on base, Baltimore batters got 3 hits, scoring 2 runs, and the game was over. Baltimore won 4 to 3. Boston lost their last chance to be in the playoffs unless Tampa Bay lost their game. The Tampa Bay crowd, which had already gone wild repeatedly in this game, cheered like crazy because everything was going right.

Then incredibly, only four minutes after the good news from Baltimore, with 2 outs and 2 strikes and nobody on base, the Tampa Bay batter hit a home run (see the photo below). Tampa Bay won 8 to 7 and made the playoffs. There's no magic in the universe but this came pretty close to magic. The crowd went batshit crazy for several hours.

I live on the other side of Florida from Tampa Bay so I was extremely amazed and pleased.

"Me, who believes everything can happen – I'm saying, 'I can't believe this,' " said eternally optimistic manager Joe Maddon as players sprayed each other with bubbly non-stop. "I mean, really, it's so contrived, drawn-up, fiction. Hollywood would say, 'Get out of here. We've already done The Natural.' It's going to last a long time. This one left a mark."


UPDATE 10/28/2011:

The Tampa Bay Rays were defeated by the Texas Rangers on the first round of the playoffs despite the first game which Tampa Bay won 9 to 0.

Last night I watched one of the most exciting come-from-behind victories in a World Series baseball game, game six between the Texas Rangers and the St Louis Cardinals. St Louis, like Tampa Bay, was unlikely to make it to the playoffs but they made it anyway, all the way to the World Series.

In game six last night St Louis had to win because they were behind 3 games to 2 games, and Texas could have won the World Series if they won last night. In this game in both the 9th and 10th innings they were just one strike away from elimination before they tied the game. Then in the bottom of the 11th inning St Louis hit a home run to tie the series 3 games to 3 games. I will watch the decidning game seven tonight. Here's a newspaper article about last night's game for the ages.

Baseball buzzing about game for the ages

Friday, October 28, 2011

(10-28) 13:54 PDT ST. LOUIS (AP) --

The greatest World Series game ever, or one of the greatest?

Fans were debating the head-scratching decisions, amateurish mix-ups and mighty clutch performances of Game 6 on Friday, eagerly rehashing a series of performances unmatched in the championship's 108-year history.

The St. Louis Cardinals were one strike from elimination not once but twice, rallying to beat the Texas Rangers 10-9 on David Freese's home run in the 11th inning Thursday night and force the World Series to a Game 7 for the first time since 2002.

"I'm sure someone already has invoked Dickens," said John Thorn, baseball's official historian. "It was the best of games. It was the worst of games. It's certainly in the top 10 among postseason games. It may be in the top five."

Where it ranks is a question of personal preference. But certainly it's part of a group that includes extra-inning finales in 1912 and 1924, Don Larsen's perfect game in 1956, Bill Mazeroski's Series-ending home run in Game 7 in 1960, Carlton Fisk's 12th-inning home run that won Game 6 in 1975, the Don Denkinger game in 1985, the Bill Buckner error that ended Game 6 in 1986, hobbling Kirk Gibson's home run in the 1988 opener, the Jack Morris 10-inning shutout in Game 7 in 1991 and Luis Gonzalez's winning single off Mariano Rivera in Game 7 in 2001.

The World Series that many thought wouldn't be worth watching turned into a classic.

"It's very, very high up there," broadcaster Bob Costas said. "There are other all-time great games that have been played well from top to bottom. Part of what made this compelling is the gaffes, following by heroics — by the same guys. There were debatable decisions by both sides, so many twists and turns. The word 'unbelievable' is constantly used in sports. This game actually beat the adjective 'unbelievable.'"

Perhaps it's easier to rank this among only games at the same stage of the Series.

"I think among Game 6s, I might take this one," Thorn said. "For excitement, I would say the closest to this would be Game 7 in 1960, where you had lead reversals, horrible blunders, sloppy play, wretched pitching in spots and great heroics capped by the walkoff homer."

Before Thursday night, a team had been one out from elimination and come back to win just twice in Series history. Then, improbably, it happened in both the ninth and 10th innings.

"Good pitching? No. Good baseball? No," Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson said. "But there were so many goods — leadership, character, never-say-die attitude. It certainly was a thriller."

Almost forgotten were the bumbles and stumbles earlier in the night, when the teams comically combined for five errors that led to four unearned runs. The Cardinals dropped a fly ball and a popup.

"In terms of a team failing, repeatedly and profoundly, on the elemental challenges — and then prevailing? I've never seen a team overcome itself like that," said baseball historian Keith Olbermann of Current TV. "In that sense it's the greatest 'comeback' in a potentially decisive game."

The 623rd World Series game truly was like no other in baseball's championship.

"What happened today, I just think it's — you had to be here to believe it," Cardinals manager Tony La Russa said.

For those who weren't there or watching, David Freese hit a tying, two-run triple with the Cardinals down to their last strike in the ninth inning, Lance Berkman hit a tying RBI single with the Cards down to their last strike in the 10th, and Freese homered to straightaway center leading off the 11th inning.

One day, there ought to be a movie.

Before Freese's triple, the Cardinals had just an 8.7 percent chance of winning, according to the sabermetric Web site After the hit, St. Louis's percentage increased to 62.4.

"Given the context of the situation, that pitch produced one of the largest changes in championship expectancy in the history of the sport," Fangraphs' Dave Cameron wrote.

Josh Hamilton's two-run, 10th-inning homer boosted the Rangers' chances of winning to 92.3 percent. The came Lance Berkman's two-out, two-strike tying single in the bottom half and Freese's home run.

"Freese's heroics in both the 9th and 11th innings are historically unmatched," Cameron wrote. "He posted the highest WPA (.969) of any position player in a postseason game in history," he said, referring to the statistic for Win Probability Added.

Ahead 3-2 in the Series and on the verge of the first title in the 51-year history of a franchise that started as the expansion Washington Senators, the Rangers wasted 1-0, 3-2 and 4-3 leads, the latter when Alexi Ogando walked Yadier Molina with the bases loaded in the sixth.

Consecutive homers by Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz against Lance Lynn, and Ian Kinsler's RBI single off Octavio Dotel built a 7-4 lead in the seventh, but Allen Craig hit his second homer of the Series in the eighth to cut the gap against Derek Holland.

Then in the ninth, Albert Pujols doubled off Pedro Feliz with one out against Neftali Feliz, Lance Berkman walked on four pitches and Craig took a called third strike. Down 1-2 in the count, Freese tripled, sending a 98 mph fastball over the glove of a leaping Cruz in front of the right-field wall as the record crowd of 47,325 at Busch Stadium cheered wildly.

"I just said, 'Heater,'" Freese recalled of his guess.

He was stranded when Molina flied out.

But quickly, the Rangers went back on top 9-7 when Elvis Andrus singled off Jason Motte with one out in the 10th and Josh Hamilton hit his first home run in 66 postseason at-bats.

"It's about time! That was my first thought. But you've got to finish the game off, and we didn't do that," Hamilton said. "I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. We're just going to do everything we can to prepare. Guys are already talking about it. We're ready for Game 7. Shake it off and come back tomorrow."

Who really believed that it wasn't over at that point?

"I understand it's not over till you get that last out," Texas manager Ron Washington said. "I was just sitting there praying we got that last out."

Singles by Daniel Descalso and Jon Jay off Darren Oliver started the second St. Louis comeback in the bottom half. But when Scott Feldman retired Theriot on a run-scoring grounder to third for the second out, the Rangers were one out away again.

Pujols was intentionally walked for the fifth time in the Series before Berkman fell behind 1-2, took a ball and then singled to center on a 93 mph cutter from Scott Feldman.

"I didn't quite get it in enough," Feldman said.

Mark Lowe fell behind Freese 3-0, then worked the count full. Lowe threw a changeup and Freese connected for his fifth postseason homer, a long drive that had half a dozen fans jumping from their seats onto the grass to grab it before the ball even landed.

"He got it," Lowe said. "Just bad location. It wasn't the wrong pitch at all in my mind."

The only other similar instances were these:

In 1911's Game 5 at the Polo Grounds, the New York Giants trailed the Philadelphia Athletics 3-1 in the ninth before Doc Crandall hit an RBI double and scored on Josh Devore's single. Fred Merkle — of Merkle's Boner fame in 1908 — won it with a sacrifice fly in the 10th, but the A's won the title the next day with a 13-2 win at Shibe Park.

Then in Game 6 in 1986 at Shea Stadium, the Mets trailed Boston 5-3 in the 10th inning and had two outs and none on before rallying on Ray Knight's RBI single, Bob Stanley's run-scoring wild pitch and Mookie Wilson's bouncer to first that went through Buckner's legs for a game-ending error. The Mets then rallied from a 3-0 deficit in Game 7 to win 8-5.

The only other tying hit with a team one out from elimination was in Game 6 in 1992, when Otis Nixon's ninth-inning single off Toronto's Tom Henke tied it 2-2. The Blue Jays went on to win 4-3 in 11 innings.

In more than a half-century as a player and broadcaster, Fox's Tim McCarver has seen some stirring performances. He puts Thursday's along the twin Yankees comebacks of 2001 — when Tino Martinez and Scott Brosius hit two-run, ninth-inning homers that tied Games 4 and 5, and New York went on to win both in extra innings. He also mentions the Morris and Gonzalez games.

"Last night's game is right there," he said. "You don't even have to be a baseball fan to get involved with the passions and feelings of last night's game."

I attempt the impossible. I try to reason with a Christian extremist.

Thanks to a blog search I found a professional Christian extremist which reminded me of a quote from Upton Sinclair.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it."

Trying to convince a professional science denier he is wrong about everything is equivalent to trying to convince a suicide bomber it's not in his best interest to blow himself up to murder innocent people.

But I gave it a try anyway at evidence for intelligent design.

Unlike you who prefers the stories of the Bible, I prefer the reality of 21st century science. I'm extremely interested in the branch of science called evolutionary biology because I think there's nothing more interesting than the four billion year history of life.

Also interesting to me are the science deniers who I noticed are always religious extremists like yourself. By extremist I mean people who ignore (or refuse to understand) all scientific evidence that conflicts with their supernatural fantasies. I compare these science deniers to flat-earthers because all the massive evidence has repeatedly shown beyond any doubt the deniers are just plain wrong about everything.

A big part of being a successful person is occasionally asking yourself "Is it possible I'm doing this wrong?" An example is when I failed to ask that question in the year 2000 and then lost a quarter of a million dollars in the stock market. Another example are the science deniers who refuse to even consider the possibility that all the world's biologists are right about evolution which is the foundation of biology.

I will not bother you again. I have just one simple request. Listen to or read or both listen to and read this extremely eloquent speech from a biologist who explains why the science deniers don't know what they're missing. Many thanks.


UPDATE: I hope I'm wrong but I have a good reason to believe my comment was censored. Apparently being nice works as well as showing my contempt for these deniers. In other words, nothing works. Christian extremists are equal to Muslim terrorists.


UPDATE: The professional Christian extremist has two PhD's in bullshit, one MA in bullshit, and one BA in bullshit. He knows nothing about science but he thinks he's qualified to write about it because he's a bullshit expert. This cowardly know-nothing censorship-loving Christian asshole is worth less than a garbage man.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

American voters are idiots but not to worry. Rick Perry is so brain-dead retarded he couldn't possibly be elected to be USA President.

I wrote two comments at

Human Ape said

From a previous comment: “… a belief in God does not necessarily mean a disbelief in science.

A magic god fairy is the most anti-science fantasy ever invented. God = Magic. There’s no magic in the universe because that’s ridiculous and because 21st century science has eliminated every hiding place for the god of the gaps.

The people who say they accept science but still believe in a god’s magic wand are really science deniers.

Human Ape said

From a previous comment “Faith can be a wonderful thing but it should not replace research and education.

Since when did religious stupidity, religious violence, and religious brainwashing become a wonderful thing?

Since when did believing in bullshit become a wonderful thing?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Darwin killed God. Good riddance. Unfortunately not everyone got the memo.

Many magic god fairies have been invented. Always these gods were childish ideas.

Today people (who are not insane) know a god with magical powers is not just an idiotic concept. Thanks to more than a century of scientific discoveries we know there is no need for any magic in the universe. No magic equals no gods. The god of the gaps has run out of hiding places thanks to scientists from the 18th century Darwin to the 21st century Stephen Hawking.

I didn't write this post to explain the ridiculously obvious, which is scientific progress has repeatedly made the god hypothesis obsolete. In this post I will give a few examples for why religious beliefs, including the god fantasy, are not just harmless hobbies for morons. Religion, also known as magical bullshit, is extremely harmful to the idiots who believe in it and everyone else.

Some examples for why religions make people stupid assholes and/or dangerous assholes.

There are the science deniers also known as creationists because they invoke a creator to explain what has already been explained by established scientific facts like evolution. If you want to include the Christians who pretend they accept evolution but think a supernatural creator is one of its mechanisms, the percentage of Americans who are science deniers is 84%, a disgracefully high percentage. Their problem is not just scientific illiteracy. It's what they replace science with, a magic fairy who creates creatures out of nothing. There's no nice way to say this. These creationists are extraordinarily stupid and way beyond batshit crazy. Perhaps they weren't very bright to begin with, but religious indoctrination (also known as child abuse) has made them even more retarded.

What a waste of a life to believe in magic instead of accepting the actual extremely interesting history of new species developing naturally the past four billion years. To live an entire life never knowing what they are or where they came from, I can't imagine anything more disgusting.

Virtually all god nuts believe in a magical heaven. That's the whole point. They wouldn't bother with the god bullshit unless there was some reward for it. The reward is not something a normal person would wish for, but religious people, besides learning how to be stupid, also learn how to be cowards, willing to believe any bullshit to avoid reality. The reality is dead people stay dead. They don't have magical souls that magically fly up to the clouds or wherever their magical paradise is. There is no wishful thinking more ridiculously impossible and childish than the life after death fantasy, but the vast majority of Idiot America believes in it anyway.

A magical heaven is an extremely harmful idea. Many people who are convinced it's not just a childish fantasy often waste their one real life. They live unhealthy lifestyles, not caring about dying earlier than necessary, because they think they're going to a better place. Meanwhile the morally corrupt religious industry does all they can to promote the heaven fantasy (and the equally disgusting hell fantasy) because without the life-after-death bullshit they would have to get real jobs.

Then of course there's the never ending suicide bombings, often several of these atrocities in one day, which would be impossible without the magical heaven insanity which both Christian tards and Muslim terrorists share.

The 9/11 attacks, which cost Americans thousands of lives and billions of dollars, would have been impossible without a belief in heaven. It's fair to ask was religion worth this disaster? For America's cowardly assholes apparently it was worth it because they have never even considered growing up and facing facts.

My point is everyone's goal should be the complete eradication of the human race's greatest mistake (the idea that god did it) as soon as possible. The god nuts older than about 20 years are incurable but everything possible must be done to convince young people to not let themselves become infected with this terrible mental illness, or to convince them to recover from their disease if they are already infected.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The website for the Natural History Museum in London has tons of information about evolution and the evidence for it.

In this better than excellent video David Attenborough asks Who do you think you really are?

This would make the dead Jeebus cry: What is the evidence?


More science that would make the dead Jeebus cry:

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City has a Hall of Human Origins.

The newly opened Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins presents the remarkable history of human evolution from our earliest ancestors millions of years ago to modern Homo sapiens. The innovative Spitzer Hall combines the most up-to-date discoveries in the fossil record with the latest in genomic science to explore the most profound mysteries of humankind: who we are, where we came from, and what is in store for the future of our species.


The dead Jeebus would love this bullshit:

If you prefer Dark Ages magic instead of 150 years of scientific progress, go to hick infested Kentucky to see the Magical Creationism Museum.

Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden's Rivers.

The stupid, it burns.


This blog now has 74 posts about the evidence for evolution. I encourage visitors to study this evidence, either here or elsewhere, whether or not they're science deniers. The predications biologists have made about evolution have been spectacularly correct every single time for the past 150 years, and this is one of many reasons why evolution and the evidence for it is an extremely interesting subject. Also, it's impossible for people to call themselves educated unless they have a good understanding of evolution's mechanisms and why the whole thing is true.

This by the way is my favorite evidence for evolution: Human chromosome 2 and chimpanzee chromosomes 2p & 2q

The cowardly Muslim assholes of Saudi Arabia and their religious rules

Saudi Arabia: 10 Lashes for Driving

Two days after King Abdullah granted women the right to vote and run for public office, starting in 2015, a court on Tuesday sentenced a woman to 10 lashes for violating religious rules prohibiting women in the kingdom from driving, activists and local news media said. The woman, Shaimaa Ghassaneya, was found guilty of driving in Jidda in July. Her sentence was unusually severe for the crime, which typically results in several days of detention. Activists said she planned to appeal. More women have been encouraged to violate the driving ban in recent months, as part of the social media-driven Women2Drive campaign. At least two more were expected to stand trial in the coming months.

Stupid can't be fixed.

A typical complaint about science (especially evolutionary biology) from Christian tards is "Science refuses to acknowledge the supernatural." They say science is "materialistic" as if that's a bad thing.

How can a normal person communicate with people who are so hopelessly stupid they think scientists should invoke supernatural magic to solve scientific problems? It's impossible. Incurable insanity can't be fixed.

Then what should be done with America's vast population of idiots, especially the Christian scum who think they're qualified to tell biology teachers how to do their jobs?

Insult them and ridicule them relentlessly. Make sure they understand that every single time they threaten a biology teacher or try to pass legislation to dumb down science education, they will be ridiculed, laughed at, and treated with the contempt they deserve. These retarded assholes for Jeebus need to know they will never be allowed to get away with anything.

Jon Huntsman is the only competent sane Republican candidate for USA President, therefore he has a zero chance of winning the nomination.

Jon Huntsman believes in evolution and global warming, so can he win a Republican primary?

The Washington Post should know better than to call the foundation of biology and the strongest basic fact of science a belief, but still it was a good news article except for this:

Recent Gallup polling showed that 41 percent of Republicans believe the effects of global warming have begun, while 44 percent believed either strictly in evolution (8 percent) or that evolution has been guided by God (36 percent). That’s not bad, but they are clearly in the minority.

That's not bad? WTF? Only eight percent of Republicans accept the most important fact of science without sticking supernatural magic into it and that's not bad?

92% of the members of a political party being uneducated morons is worse than disgraceful, worse than the 84% of the American population who are idiots.

My 84% comes from another poll which says only 16% of Americans accept modern biology without magic. Idiot America is called Idiot America because Americans are idiots.

An election between Obama and Huntsman would be a real choice. A choice between two intelligent politicians who are not batshit crazy. It will never happen. A recent poll shows Huntsman is the favorite candidate of only one percent of Republican voters. However Huntsman is expected to win 15% of the votes in the New Hampshire primary, but that's only because New Hampshire is one of the very small number of states which is not infested with brainless hicks.

8% of Republicans accept science.

36% of Republicans accept science only if magic is one of the mechanisms.

56% of Republicans want to throw out more than a century of scientific progress because science makes the dead Jeebus cry.

This disgraceful bullshit is made possible by the wimpy atheists who suck up to Christian assholes. What this country needs is a war against religious stupidity. Relentless ridicule of Christian scum combined with competent teaching of evolutionary biology starting at age six is the only possible solution to Idiot America's problem.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

theology = fairyology

Theology is a bunch of words about nothing. Every theologian who ever lived, all of them combined, have less value than one garbage man.

Theologians are bullshit experts. They explain bullshit with more bullshit. To justify their bullshit they invent more bullshit. Of course they don't bother to provide evidence for their bullshit because they know their bullshit is nothing more than wild guessing about bullshit.

The Theologian is an owl, sitting on an old dead branch in the tree of human knowledge, and hooting the same old hoots that have been hooted for hundreds and thousands of years, but he has never given a hoot for progress.


Please see my comments at Atheists 'Picket' San Diego Creation Museum Celebration before everything I wrote is censored.


This looks like an interesting and useful website:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nobody will ever call Pat Condell an atheist wimp. He doesn't suck up to Muslim scum or any other religious assholes.

I have seen dozens of Pat Condell's videos and I haven't disagreed with anything he said yet.

In his most recent youtube video (of 102 videos) this atheist (AKA a normal person) from the UK ridicules Idiot America.

"It looks as if Jeebus is getting the Republican nomination again."

This post is for Christian assholes and Muslim assholes who are not able to understand why normal people ridicule them.

I wrote two comments at California Atheist Billboards Lump Magic Underwear, Voodoo With Salvation.

Human Ape
An atheist group continues to spread its anti-Christian, anti-religion message in the typically conservative communities of Orange County, Calif., by unveiling two more billboard signs mocking faith this week.

The message is also anti-stupidity, anti-insanity, and anti-mental-child-abuse (also known as religious indoctrination).

Listed underneath the proclamation are 36 different references to Christianity, other religions, and cults. Included in the list are: "Talking Snakes," "Burning Bushes," "Resurrection," "Salvation," and "Sin."

Christianity is a cult, the Christian Death Cult.

The Magical Resurrection (the stinking Jeebus corpse became a zombie) is the most disgusting fantasy ever invented. There's not a shred of evidence for it (gullible dead witnesses are not evidence for anything), but gullible Christians believe it anyway, never caring this magic trick is impossible and ridiculous.

Human Ape
Paul Roy asked "If atheists don't believe in religion why does it bother them so much that others do?"

Because unlike Christians, atheists (also known as normal people) have moral values. Normal people are against religious brainwashing of young children. We are disgusted by the Christian War Against Science Education. And we're against the religious violence made possible by the cowardly heaven fantasy which every Christian and Muslim shares.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Biology equals evolution. Without evolution biology equals stamp collecting.

Biology equals evolution. Evolution equals biology. They're the exact same thing. Remove evolution from biology and there's nothing left that's interesting. If you love collecting stamps you might like biology without the foundation of biology, which is of course evolution.

Back in 1925 there was the Scopes Trial in Tennessee. A biology teacher was accused of teaching biology in his biology classroom and he was found guilty.

That was 86 years ago, almost a century. Have Christians made any progress towards escaping from the Dark Ages yet?


For example there was an excellent biology teacher in Georgia who had the nerve to teach biology in her biology classroom, despite constant harassment and threats from Christian assholes including the parents of her students and including the school administration. She was alone fighting against idiots, assholes, and uneducated morons. What settled the matter was she showed the Christian retards the Georgia science standards for public schools which required biology teachers to teach biology, also known as evolution.

Those standards were almost destroyed by another uneducated moron who was the education superintendent of Georgia. She announced that she would remove evolution from the science standards because it was too divisive an issue. Translated that means she tried to destroy science education for all students to avoid upsetting Georgia's uneducated morons, also known as Christian tards.

I thought schools existed for students, and not for religious cults. Fortunately the education superintendent, a cowardly stupid asshole, was told she would not be allowed to get away with destroying science education to accommodate her dead Jeebus.

It has been 86 years since the Scopes trial and Christians are still at war against science education. They are enemies of America, equal to terrorists, and guilty of treason.

Should America let stupid assholes make decisions about science curriculums? No of course not, but that's exactly what's been going on and it will never stop until the Christian Death Cult is eradicated.


Every young American will be a student in at least one science class and that branch of science is biology. For many students this is their last chance to get excited about science. If they're lucky enough to get an excellent biology teacher who refuses to be intimidated by Christian scum, she will make evolution a major part of every biology lesson and the students will quickly learn how to love science because there's nothing more interesting than the history of life.

Unfortunately there is very little chance of getting a science teacher who knows what she's doing. In some states (the Bible Belt of the Deep South) it's more likely the science teacher will be a science denier, a Christian who prefers magic instead of science. These disgusting incompetent know-nothing biology teachers should be fired and publicly humiliated but nobody complains. In fact the students who have already been brainwashed to fear evolutionary biology are pleased to find out their teacher is not interested in teaching them anything. They graduate from high school thinking science is boring and they learn nothing about it.

America needs a president who says "Enough is enough. No more dumbing down science education and no more sucking up to religious cults." He or she would demand and provide money for the best science teachers for all students, including students in America's small towns which are infested with Christians at war against science education.

If Rick Perry is elected to be our president the exact opposite will happen. He has a long history of doing everything possible to destroy science education in Texas and he can be expected to do the same thing for the entire country.

Obama, if he is reelected, could do something about America's disgraceful science education and the equally disgraceful Christian war against it. But I doubt he will do anything. He prefers to pretend to be religious, so he will be reluctant to fight against America's religious assholes.

If only I could come back in one century to see if any progress has been made. Will America wake up and do something to save itself or will America become a backward theocracy like Iran?


The theory of evolution is a staggeringly beautiful and rather clever concept that aims to describe how animals, plants, bacteria and all other living things have adapted, and continue to adapt, to their surroundings. The theory allows mankind to perceive life's history down the eons and understand how and why all living things came to be.

Evolution is the grand unifying theory of biology. It is a solid core running through all modern research from molecular biology to genomics to ecology. Where once biology was a disjointed group of subjects whose main role seemed to be just to classify life into neat categories, it is now at the forefront of scientific research. Indeed, the study of heredity - genetics - is said to be leading mankind into a biotechnological golden age with ever-more potent pharmaceuticals, cleaner fuels and improved crops.


Darwin’s great insight that the vast diversity of life on earth arose over time from a common ancestor revolutionized scientific understanding, with substantial benefit to our economy and our well being. Today, evolutionary principles are the foundation of all of modern biology and have led to major advances in fields as diverse as molecular biology, developmental biology, genetics, behavior, and paleontology. Understanding evolution also allows us to identify genes underlying human illness, combat infectious diseases, mitigate impacts of invasive species, and control pathogens and pests of our crops and livestock.


From the National Academy of Sciences

The concept of biological evolution is one of the most important ideas ever generated by the application of scientific methods to the natural world. The evolution of all the organisms that live on Earth today from ancestors that lived in the past is at the core of genetics, biochemistry, neurobiology, physiology, ecology, and other biological disciplines. It helps to explain the emergence of new infectious diseases, the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria, the agricultural relationships among wild and domestic plants and animals, the composition of Earth's atmosphere, the molecular machinery of the cell, the similarities between human beings and other primates, and countless other features of the biological and physical world. As the great geneticist and evolutionist Theodosius Dobzhansky wrote in 1973, ‘Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.’

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Australian website has some superstitious bullshit from Christian assholes and some excellent comments from normal people.

Apparently Australia doesn't have anything similar to America's Establishment Clause, also known as our wall of separation between religious stupidity and our government.

This Australian news website (link from PZ as usual) has a story about a public school that decided to stop forcing every student to pray to the dead Jeebus, a problem Idiot America used to have until our Supreme Court decided it's about time our public schools respected our constitution. As usual some Christian assholes (apparently Christians are assholes no matter what country they infest) complained about not being able to force non-Christians to pray to the worthless dead Jeebus. I wrote some comments myself. They were all censored.

One comment from a normal person was excellent. Here it is.

rusty of SW west oz Posted at 7:58 PM September 20, 2011

comment 108, aussie, hah, seems like you should have spent more time at school studying rather than praying! big fail! comment 122, gus, poor form mate, typical example of the redneck racist, pro christian, aussie pride bogan that we are so full off and are proven by a large part of the comments here today. People, religion is the biggest fallacy thrust upon this world, all religions. Look at the facts evolution is a fact proven by fossil record, your bible is wrong from the first paragraph (even the pope accepts that evolution is correct) how can anyone believe the rest of it, you simply cherry pick from a book written thousands of years ago, ignoring all the ugly parts such as the stoning, murder, adultery, slavery etc... that it not only condones but encourages. Atheism is free of all that hinderance and allows people to think freely and clearly. Also, to those asking us to give up xmas etc... look at where they came from, they are not christian but pagan, when the romans converted to christianity, the emporer needed to maintain the holidays on the same dates so that everyone would abide by then so used the same dates and often the same rituals, but meerly renamed them.

Comment 160 of 167

These comics remind me of the Christian retards who are constantly trying to force biology teachers to teach magic as an equal alternative to science.

Fuck off and die Christian subhumans. Your war against science education is equal to terrorism. You Christian assholes belong in prison or worse.

You Christian tards who think you're moderate and pro-science, you're no better than the Bible thumpers. There is nothing moderate about belonging to an anti-science terrorist organization. There's nothing moderate about being a gullible idiot. There's nothing moderate about being part of the problem. And there's nothing pro-science about believing your worthless dead Jeebus was the son of a magic god fairy. All Christians are insane. All Christians are worthless scum.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The best evidence for the "Darwin killed god" idea are the millions of religious evolution deniers.

What I like about evolutionary biology:

It's the strongest basic fact of science.

It's the most interesting branch of science.

No other scientific fact has so much powerful evidence.

Biologists frequently make predications which must be correct if evolution is true, and those predictions have been spectacularly correct 100% of the time for more than a century.

More than any other branch of science, evolution has religious implications strong enough to cause the eventual eradication of every religious fantasy and every god fairy ever invented.


Christians and Muslims usually solve their problem with the religious implications of evolution by denying the whole thing. And they go out of their way to make sure they never learn anything about what they're denying.

There are Christians and even Muslims who insist their magical god is compatible with evolution but virtually always they stick their Jeebus or Allah into it. That's not accepting science. That's polluting science with magic.

Or they deny only human evolution because their religious fantasies require their own species to be special magical creations of Jeebus or Allah. That's still not accepting science. Anyone who thinks magic is one of the mechanisms of evolution or who denies evolution for people is as anti-science as a person can get.

What's wonderful about evolution besides the fact the history of life is extraordinarily interesting, is just by teaching evolution a person can be saved from a lifetime of believing in superstitious bullshit. This is why America needs federal or state legislation to require a strong education in evolutionary biology starting at the youngest possible age, First Grade, age six. To deny this education is child abuse and there's no excuse for it.

Some quotes from a New York Times science article I want to share.

Please listen to the video. Dawkins talks about several things including his admiration for Charles Darwin.

This sentence about Stephen J. Gould makes perfect sense to me. Any number of things could have prevented the development of our species. Also, we are lucky our lineage didn't die out during an African drought or for other reasons.

As the writer Scott Rosenberg put it, Professor Gould saw our species as “simply a tiny accident occurring on a minor side-branch of the evolutionary tree.”

This quote from Richard Dawkins I totally agree with.

“Religion teaches you to be satisfied with nonanswers,” he says. “It’s a sort of crime against childhood.”

And there's also this about Richard Dawkins. Victims of religious indoctrination have had the curiosity which comes naturally to young children sucked out of them.

Belief in the supernatural strikes him as incurious, which is perhaps the worst insult he can imagine.

Also this about Dawkins. A normal person doesn't have to be an expert about bullshit to know it's bullshit.

To suggest he study theology seems akin to suggesting he study fairies.

I'm a Republican who frequently votes for Democrats because most Republican politicians are god soaked idiots.

The business of government should be our country's businesses. Our government should do everything possible to help those businesses which is easy to do. Just leave them alone and don't tax them to death. Of course they shouldn't be allowed to destroy the environment but other than that the government should not interfere except to give them virtually anything they want that might help our economy grow.

Unfortunately the tax and spend Democrats get everything backward. They're right about scientific progress, science education, and the environment, but they don't seem to understand how capitalism works.

Unfortunately the Republican politicians, like most of the people who vote for them, are wrong about virtually everything except the economy. For example they want to throw out our constitution so they can make America a Christian theocracy, including teaching the Bible in biology classrooms. It's impossible to more bloody stupid than that.

One Republican candidate for president, Jon Huntsman, has warned other candidates to not let the GOP become an anti-science organization. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman warned that the GOP shouldn't "run from science." So I'm not surprised that out of ten Republicans trying to win the nomination for president, Jon Huntsman is last in a Gallup poll.

The Republican governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has done everything he possibly could to force the teaching of magical creationism in science classrooms. He's a typical Republican and he has the best chance of becoming Obama's opponent in the November 2012 election.

After eight years of George W. Bush does America need another anti-science president? I don't think so.

The Republican Party have given this country the choice between an idiot and a Democrat for President of the United States, which is no choice at all.

The wimpy looney liberals of the New York Times suck up to terrorists.

In an editorial in today's 9/19/2011 New York Times those wimpy suck-ups sucked up to the terrorist organization called Islam.

It's amazing they could write six paragraphs about a New Jersey town's refusal to allow a terrorist organization build a mosque in their community without once mentioning the fact that Islam is responsible for the 9/11/2001 religious atrocities and more suicide attacks every single day since then.

Our constitution gives our country's idiots freedom of religion, also known as freedom to be gullible morons, but it says nothing about letting a terrorist organization build their terrorist organization buildings everywhere they want. Islam is not just a religion. They are more interested in murdering innocent people than anything else.

A wimp might now write a comment that says "not all Muslims are terrorists".

It's fair to ask if these idiots are against terrorism why do they belong to a terrorist organization. They obviously think belonging to their cult is more important than the violence it's responsible for. If that's what they want they can go back to the dirt-bag countries they came from.

Every Muslim in the world has long ago lost their right to live on this planet. They got a lot of nerve if they think they can continue expanding their terrorist organization in the country that was the victim of their worst atrocity.

America needs a lot less sucking up to religious violence. There's usually nothing wrong with tolerance unless it's tolerance of violent assholes. Looney liberal wimps are part of the problem. They're no better than the Bible thumpers and the terrorists they suck up to.

Only 15 percent of Americans agree magical creationism is definitely false.

In Idiot America the Liars-For-Jeebus industry is winning.

This Gallup poll asks the question "Is this true or false: Creationism, that is, the idea that God created human beings pretty much in their present from at one time within the last 10,000 years."

The results are much worse than I imagined possible and perhaps this explains why it's likely the anti-science pro-magic Governor Rick Perry of Texas will win the Republican nomination for president.

As anyone who isn't insane knows, the only correct answer is definitely false. Apparently America is the world's largest insane asylum because only 15% of Americans agree there definitely was no magical creation of species.

Is Magical Creationism real?

Definitely true: 39%
Probably true: 27%
Probably false: 16%
Definitely false: 15%
Don't know: 3%

Nobody, not even American morons, would say a flat earth is definitely true or probably true. They would never say they don't know whether or not the earth is flat. They wouldn't say a flat earth is probably false. But virtually all Americans, 85%, get the question about magical creation wrong. 85% of Americans will not say magic is definitely bullshit.

To a biologist or any other educated person this poll is disgusting. This poll is one of the best reasons why the Christian Death Cult must be eradicated.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm right about everything and everyone else is a fucking idiot.

By "I'm right about everything" I mean I'm correct when I say evolution is a basic fact and I'm correct when I say every god fairy ever invented and every religious fantasy ever invented is bullshit.

By "everyone else is a fucking idiot" I mean the vast majority of Americans are fucking idiots. I'm not talking about the 16% of Americans who agree with the choice on a Gallup Poll which says something like "people developed from ancient apes and supernatural magic was not one of the mechanisms that made this scientific fact possible."

This means 84% of Americans are fucking idiots which also happens to be approximately the percentage of Americans who are theist retards.

There are theists who stick their dead Jeebus into biology as in "Jeebus guided and/or used and/or invented evolution". Notice these superstitious assholes never pollute any other branch of science with their magic man. Only biology gets the god bullshit treatment. These theists are wrong. They're also insane gullible idiots and uneducated morons.

There are other theists who completely reject the incredibly vast amount of extremely powerful evidence for evolution. How do these tards do this? They just say "there's no evidence for evolution" as if their total ignorance about everything is greater than the knowledge and experience of all the world's biologists. These assholes are beyond brain-dead but the theist scum who pollute evolution with supernatural magic are not any better.

Then there's the agnostics. I'm generally against genocide but I would have no problem with the complete eradication of every wishy-washy full-of-shit agnostic asshole from this planet. When they say "I can't rule out the possibility of magic (aka god) in the universe" they are not just being as stupid as the Bible thumpers and the terrorists, they're also full of shit. They are part of the problem and the world would be better off without agnostic scum.

I KNOW I'm right about everything I've written in this post. Evolution is fact. Magical gods are bullshit. Evolution has the evidence (overwhelming, powerful, massive, etc.). Supernatural bullshit has exactly zero evidences. The theists have nothing except their cowardly fear of reality and their gullible acceptance of any bullshit that makes them feel better, no matter how idiotic, childish, and ridiculously impossible the idea is, including the god fairy itself.

I KNOW the theists, the science deniers, and the science polluters are wrong because the evidence says they're wrong. Why do they believe bullshit that couldn't possibly be true while denying science that most certainly is true? There's only one possible explanation. Every theist in the world and every agnostic in the world is a fucking idiot.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The world's youngest and cutest paleontologist. As usual many thanks to PZ's blog.

Way to go British people. You gave the world Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins. Now you've given us Emily Baldry.

Small gullible brainwashed children have a good excuse for their supernatural fantasies. That excuse is no longer valid after they grow up.

I would bet all religious indoctrination is pretty much the same, whatever the cult is.

My religious brainwashing was intense and it lasted several years. Perhaps it wasn't as bad as what the Protestant fundies had to endure, but it was a terrible waste of my youth.

I was the victim of a Catholic grade school, nine years of it from kindergarten thru 8th grade.

Try telling children "Christ died for your sins" several thousand times for 9 years and see what happens. The vast majority of those young victims will never recover from this idiocy.

But other children grow up and they figure out the whole thing was bullshit. They also figure out the brainwashers were insane assholes. If they're like me they're surprised not every victim realized what had happened to them. When I was in my 20's I met a student from my nine years of forced stupidity and I was shocked to find out he never grew up. He still had the same idiotic fantasies.

I've never been able to figure it out. This student had the best grades in the class, so he was the last person I would have expected to not recover from the disease.

Some of the other students were nitwits so of course they're not likely to ever accept reality. But how to explain when intelligent brainwashed victims never figure out religions and gods are bullshit?

I still don't get it. Here we are in the 21st century. We have the internet so it's easy to discover there's at least one billion normal people (AKA atheists) in the world. We have never ending scientific discoveries that show beyond any doubt supernatural magic is an unnecessary idea. We have professional normal people writing books about the religion problem and why it's bullshit. Yet there's still these diseased people who should have been cured a long time ago. What's their problem?

I have to stop here because I can't explain it.