Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Translation of what I wrote at is crap. Their stuff is inferior and they expect you to pay for it. is better and it's totally free.

"I have become a better player over the past few years, but I still shy away from Sicilians due to the massive amount of theory and preparation required."
It's not necessary to memorize lots of stuff for this fantastic opening (especially the Najdorf Variation) for Black. Just understand the basics by studying how Fischer played it. Then just use it. When you get wiped out you have something to work with. Get a free and complete computer analysis of your game and find out what you did wrong. Never throw out the Najdorf Variation no matter how many times you are defeated. This advice was given to me a long time ago and I'm grateful for it.
I noticed that if use the Najdorf and I survive the opening and middle game, I usually have an advantage in the endgame. So it's important to study the endgame first, both strategy and how to do things.
Where can you get a fantastic and totally free computer analysis of your games? I can't answer that question because Big Brother is watching. My answer would be vaporized and I would never again be allowed to write comments here.
I suggest just pay for what this place offers. has been improving everything so it's OK to help them pay their bills. I'm not writing this because Big Brother is watching. really is getting better and that costs money.

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