Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The breathtaking stupidity of American Christians and Muslim terrorists. What I wrote about them at another website:

The title of this post is "The Science of Evolution" so maybe it's OK to say something about the millions of dense Americans (not to mention thousands of terrorists) who want to throw out this science.
Their idea goes like this: Evolution is wrong therefore magical creation is how the world works. Everything is magical.
Besides being ridiculous, childish, insane, and idiotic, this idea has a very big problem. Evidence against evolution (imaginary evidence because there is absolutely zero evidence against this important branch of science) would not be evidence for something else.
If the extremely dense evolution deniers what to throw out evolution, they have to explain why any other idea is correct. They can't say "evolution is wrong therefore magic". They have to provide evidence for magic. For example can they test this magic? Do they have one shred of evidence for it? No. Of course not. It's a just a fantasy for cowards who fear reality.
Is there any cure for their disease? Almost always the answer is no. The brain damage can't be fixed.
When a uneducated coward complains about evolution I ask them "what is your explanation for the diversity of life?" When they say a fairy magically created every creature I tell them to get psychiatric help. Then I tell them to shove it because they are equal to dogs. Of course that's not being fair to dogs. Dogs have a brain.

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