Sunday, January 29, 2017

I wrote this for an evolution denier, aka fucking moron. The stupid, it burns.

Why do you call magic "intelligent design"? Believe in childish anti-science nonsense if you want but at least be honest about it. You believe magic is real. Admit it.

Instead of showing off your total ignorance of evolution and your total refusal to learn anything about it, why don't you provide evidence for your childish magical fantasies? Lying about science is not evidence for magic. You can't say evolution wrong therefore magic. Even if evolution was not the strongest fact of science and the foundation of biology, that doesn't mean magic is real. You got to provide evidence for your magic. Let's have it. Maybe you can ask your fairy to loan you its magic wand so scientists can test it.

My point is you and all other science deniers are pathetic. Thinking makes them cry. Education hurts their brain.

FFS, this is the 21st century. Grow up and face facts.

And stop pretending there is a debate about the established truth of evolution. There is no debate. Just because you science deniers think there is a debate does not mean there is a debate. It only means you know nothing about mountains of evidence, powerful evidence that continues to grow every day, evidence you know nothing about because you're too lazy and too cowardly to educate yourself. FFS, look things up.

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