Sunday, November 6, 2016

What I wrote for a young chess player at

"How can i learn real chess?"

It's important to study the endgame before studying everything else. This is advice that's usually ignored but I learned the hard way it's true. The endings should be studied first. An excellent place to do that is of course at This link will give you 134 videos about endgames.

I also found good advice about the endgame and the other phases of a chess game from the Lichess stockfish which I use to analyze my lichess games.

After you learn the basic ideas of chess endgames I recommend the book "Endgame Strategy" by Mikhail Shereshevsky. You can also look at the 8 videos about endgame strategy at

Always try to have opponents who are much better than you are. After you lose badly who can learn quite a bit by studying the game with stockfish. I suggest don't be too quick to resign or do not resign at all. You can learn how other people finish a game if you don't resign. Also you could win a lost game if your opponent makes a mistake. Also, I suggest play at slow time controls. I use 15+10. It's also a good idea to play only rated games because then you can see your progress.

Be grateful you discovered lichess because it is the best chess website in the world.

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