Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Christian Fucktard at the Wall Street Journal complained about something I wrote. This was my reply and the god-soaked moron will probably complain about that too.

Sir, I don't know these people personally but I know quite a bit about them. Collins is a Christian extremist. He has my contempt. Miller has my total respect because he has done more than anyone else to support the teaching of evolution. He does not tolerate uneducated Christians who want to dumb down the teaching of this important branch of science.
If you think the magical resurrection of the decomposing Jesus is consistent with science I suggest you read the best book about the subject, "Faith Versus Fact, Why Science And Religion Are Incompatible" by Jerry Coyne, University of Chicago biologist.
An interesting thing about every religious cult ever invented: They are total nonsense. The fantasies are the childish wishful thinking of cowards. They have not one shred of real evidence, evidence that can be tested. It's all wild guessing and it's all wrong. Religious people don't want to admit it but a belief in a god is a belief in magic. Magic is not real.

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