Friday, November 25, 2016

What I wrote at about Christian assholes and their war against science education.

The childish ridiculous "magical intelligent design creationism" fantasy is a big problem in Idiot America where I live. There is a never ending war against science education, especially evolution (aka the foundation of biology). An entire industry devotes itself to destroying science education.
Know-nothing parents who brainwash their children (aka victims) to throw out science and replace it with their moronic "everything is magic" fantasy world have a problem and that problem is competent biology teachers. One solution which works but shouldn't be allowed is called "homeschooling". The idea is never let the victims learn about the established truth of evolution.
There is no excuse for this child abuse. The government should force these victims to receive competent science education at public schools or private schools who are not in the business of lying to their students.
Brainwashing gullible children to have a belief in magic is child abuse. The child abusers belong in prison because they are destroying the lives of their victims who grow up having a cowardly fear of reality. All their curiosity is sucked out of them so they learn how to go out of their way to know nothing. Instead they learn how to defend magic by spreading lies about science and scientists. They will waste their entire pathetic lives never knowing what they are or where they came from.

"Everything is magic" cowards harassed, threatened, and yelled at an elderly female biology teacher because she taught the foundation of biology (evolution). She was the best biology teacher that school ever had but she retired one year early to avoid the never ending harassment. The students were cheated. All thanks to cowardly evolution-deniers.

Evolution's Lonely Battle in a Georgia Classroom

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