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Thursday, April 2, 2015

my most busy night in 2015

The Criterion Condominium

Daily security log    Date: April 1, 2015    Wednesday


TIME                                                      NARRATIVE: What, When, Where,  Who, Why,                                                 ACTION TAKEN  

2230  Bob Curry on duty.

2220  Two pool sprinklers on 2220 to 2235.  3rd pool sprinkler on 2235 to 2335.

2225  Added water to spa.  Pool water level OK.

2230  Lana (friend of Ann Burbridge in apt 703) called me and said Ann’s phone has been busy for 2 hours and she was concerned about her.  I said I would call her, knock on her door, and if necessary enter her apt.  A few minutes later Lana called again and said she sent the police here because she thought I might scare Ann. Before the police arrived I called Brian who said he saw Ann today and she was OK. I called Ann but there was no answer. Two police officers arrived, I took the keys and went up with them. Ann didn’t respond to knocking and the door bell so they entered her apt. Ann was there, alive and very healthy.  She said she was having problems with her phone. A police officer fixed her phone, then Ann called Lana. (Lana is at 974-755-1416).

2235  Apartments 503-604-705 in residence for 12 days. 9 people arrived from Sweden.

2304  Apt 204 wife arrived from China.

2332  Let in apt 102 resident at beach door.  At 2339 let in apt 806 resident at beach door.

2355  Suitcase delivered for apt 503.  They will be here to get suitcase in the morning.

2410  Charged our cell phone.

0110  A huge white limo here then left without stopping.

0200  Turned on sprinklers from garage.  Off at 0215.

0204  Auto sprinklers on 0204.  Off at 0414.  2 hours 10 minutes.

0205  Beach grill is dirty.      Found 2 white socks at beach.

0210  Exercise room 71°.  No leak in washroom.

0225  The  sprinklers are working OK at the entire beach area.

0240  Service door was locked.  Gate at end of service drive was locked.

0240  Door near garage gate was locked.  Exit door in back of garage was locked.

0240  12 carts   Pool 86°   Spa 100°   Pool pump & water pumps OK.

0250  Swept garage floor.  Cleaned trash room.

0330  Cleaned carpets on 10 floors where necessary.  7th floor: 75°  10th floor: 72° 74° 74°

0400  Total number of newspapers:  10 SS, 6 WSJ

0400  101-SS   201-SS-WSJ   206-SS-WSJ   304-WSJ   306-SS   404-SS   502-SS

601-WSJ   606-WSJ   806-SS   902-SS   903-SS-WSJ   906-SS       

0400  102-SS & 601-SS & 606-SS Wednesday Saturday Sunday.

0400  206-SS Wednesday to Sunday.  Apt 601 gets Barrons on Saturday.

0420  Picked up leaves outside lobby door.  Watered two plants outside.

0430  Guest parking:  Volvo 593VQY apt 103 guests

0630  Bob Curry off duty.

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