Thursday, April 30, 2015

At a dipshit started a thread about evolution, which is science he would replace with his god fairy's magic wand. I wrote a comment there. I won't write any more comments because censorship is out of control at that place.

At the dipshit wrote about "Random evolution" as if evolution is just chance, which is a typical misconception dipshits have.

The natural selection of what works is not random.
Best explanation I have read from a biologist:
"Chance alone cannot explain the marvelous fit between individuals and their environment. And it doesn't. True, the raw materials for evolution--the variations between individuals--are indeed produced by chance mutations. These mutations occur willy-nilly, regardless of whether they are good or bad for the individual. But it is the filtering of that variation by natural selection that produces adaptations, and natural selection is manifestly not random. It is a powerful molding force, accumulating genes that have a greater chance of being passed on to others, and in so doing making individuals even better able to cope with their environment. It is, then, the unique combination of mutation and selection--chance and lawfulness--that tells us how organisms become adapted." 
Repeat this process thousands of times over a period of millions of years and very gradually new species are developed, for example the evolution of whales from land animals, or the evolution of one species of fish to land animals. It works and biologists know it works. This is basic scientifc fact, not something biologists debate because there is no debate.
The fucktard wrote ""Where's the proof, factual evidence, data, etc."
It's out there, tons of it. "Google" is your friend. Google "evidence evolution". A little education never killed anyone.
Some people think there is a debate about the basic facts of evolution. They are wrong. Biologists have accepted evolution as fact for more than a century. Today, with the evidence stronger than ever thanks to DNA sequencing, and with the evidence, powerful undeniable evidence, growing every day, it has become way beyond ridiculous to be an evolution denier. For good reasons biologists ignore the deniers because to them the deniers are equal to flat-earthers.
Google, it's a wonderful tool. Do not be afraid to use it. Also, beware of the professional liars. Besides being dishonest they know virtually nothing when compared to, for example, the molecular biologists at Harvard and MIT.
I repeat. There is no debate. Period. I have nothing more to say about it. Any questions, ask Google.
I learned a long time ago the deniers are a total waste of time. If they really wanted to learn something they would look it up. Of course the deniers don't want to learn anything, therefore it's total waste of time to be their free biology teacher.
Your "In all of the above explanations I didn't see one piece of factual evidence, did you?" I've seen hundreds of times before. Only suckers fall for it. Teaching science to a science denier is like trying to explain chess to a dog.

789321, Take your complaints to the best encyclopedia in the world.
"There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms." -- Encyclopedia Britannica
Biologists agree (real biologists who have actually contributed something important to biology). Evolution, aka the foundation of biology, has more evidence than any other fact of science.
Throw out the world's encyclopedias. Throw out every University biology department in the world. Throw out two centuries of scientific progress. Nobody cares.
And throw out these 5 books and every other book ever written about the powerful undeniable and still growing evidence for evolution.
From a UK website:
The theory of evolution is a staggeringly beautiful and rather clever concept that aims to describe how animals, plants, bacteria and all other living things have adapted, and continue to adapt, to their surroundings. The theory allows mankind to perceive life's history down the eons and understand how and why all living things came to be.
Evolution is the grand unifying theory of biology. It is a solid core running through all modern research from molecular biology to genomics to ecology. Where once biology was a disjointed group of subjects whose main role seemed to be just to classify life into neat categories, it is now at the forefront of scientific research. Indeed, the study of heredity - genetics - is said to be leading mankind into a biotechnological golden age with ever-more potent pharmaceuticals, cleaner fuels and improved crops.
"Personaly I believe in evolution. As for man evolved from chimps, I don't fully agree."
Two things:
1. Reality is not a belief.
2. People did not evolve from chimps. Both species evolved from the same ancient ape ancestors. This is called "speciation". Look it up. This is a strong undeniable scientific fact backed up by countless thousands of evidences from DNA sequencing.
We have something called "Google" folks. Google is all-knowing. It can explain everything imaginable. It's free. It's instantenous. It should be used frequently. Education is a wonderful thing especially when it's easy and free.
Since nobody will bother looking up speciation I just did it for you all. The dictionary definition: The formation of new species as a result of geographic, physiological, anantomical, or behavioral factors that prevent previously interbreeding populations from breeding with each other.
An example: There are two ape species who evovled differently because they became separated by a wide river. They are called chimpanzees and bonobos. They look different and have a completely different culture. For example the bonobos would rather make love than make war. The chimps have been observed killing other chimps, a problem which their other close relatives (people) share. 
Facts. Everything I have wrote here is a fact. If any complaints see Google to help you understand reality.

"I want to get some basic knowledge of what evolution is." (question from a very young Muslim)
Evolution is the idea that new species have developed the past 3.5 Billion years thanks to the natural selection of favorable genes which eventually let creatures gradually change to adapt to a changing environment. This idea means all creatures including us are related. For example we are distant cousins of cockroaches and trees. Very distant. Amazing but true. Molecular biologists know it's true because they can see the history of life with their own eyes when they compare DNA sequences of different species.

There are books. Earlier in this thread I recommended 5 books about evolution which I have read. It's interesting to understand how evolution works and the countless evidences for it.

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