Monday, April 29, 2013

Some facts about reality

Richard Dawkins wrote an entire book to explain why magic god fairies are not real. That's ridiculous. Would he write a book about why the Easter Bunny is not real?

Only one short paragraph is necessary to explain why gods are not real. You are reading that paragraph now. Every god ever invented had magical powers. Magic is not real. This is one of the most basic facts of reality. There is no magic in the universe. Therefore there are no gods.

As I already explained in the previous paragraph gods are not real. So why do millions of gullible cowardly idiots believe in god fairies anyway? They are victims of brainwashing which is why the same identical supernatural fantasies stay in the same family for several centuries.

Why were gods invented? Always it was to solve some scientific problem like how did the universe begin and where did all those cockroaches come from. A few thousand years ago there were of course no scientists. So ancient ignorant people decided everything was magically created out of nothing. Incredibly, millions of American morons still believe this. The magic came from a magical being which is now called god or allah. This was the human race's greatest mistake.

Ok, so there's no gods. Who cares? The problem is there's still a few people who haven't thrown out the god fantasy yet. Their disease is called theism and agnosticism. The theists think magic is real. The full-of-shit agnostics say we can't know whether or not magic is real. All of these idiots are extraordinarily stupid people who never learned how to think. The theists and agnostics are equally insane.

OK, so there's a few billion drooling morons who think magic is real or magic could be real. Who cares? The problem is this is not a harmless fantasy. The religious violence is out of control and the stupidity is even worse.

You can read about the atrocities for god in the newspaper every day. It's disgusting and something needs to be done about it. The wimpy atheists who suck up to theist/agnostic scum have not been helpful.

What is really annoying is the religious idiocy that has completely infested the backward country I live in which is Idiot America. One of countless examples: Only 15% of Americans accept the fact of evolution. The other 85% deny the whole thing or even worse they pretend they accept evolution while insisting magic is one of its mechanisms.

How to fix these problems? A good place to start would be to stop tolerating theism and agnosticism. In America there is way too much sucking up to these religious lunatics. About 15% of Americans are atheists but most of them are wimps who refuse to do anything about the problem. The wimpy atheists won't even bother to say religious brainwashing is child abuse. We can't make this disgusting child abuse illegal but the least we can do is ridicule it every chance we get.

The greatest threat to religious idiocy is science education. It would be so nice if scientists and science teachers demanded better science education starting at a much younger age to help victims of religious indoctrination fight their god disease.

The last hope for the human race is the youngest generations. Let's help them by giving them the competent science education they deserve.

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