Monday, April 22, 2013

A victim of religious indoctrination asked "Why do you think that all religion will go away? God and I will never separate. I know many people who are the same way. Why do you think atheism will just end all religion?"

The question was asked at Yahoo Answers. I wrote this reply:

Obviously we will have to wait for you to drop dead.

It will probably take longer than anyone's lifetime but fantasies that require a belief in magic can't last forever. God equals magic equals bullshit.

What will kill religion is science education. Better educated people have already figured out the magic god fairy was never necessary for anything. Of course even without science the idea there's a magical master of the universe hiding somewhere was always a ridiculous fantasy.

Religion hasn't already gone extinct for one reason only -- religious brainwashing. Religions have several centuries of experience in how to abuse children with their idiotic magical nonsense.

But when science education gets much better the brainwashing will never be able to compete with it.

Science always wins because it works.

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