Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pro-science Christians are desperately looking for a hiding place for their god of the gaps.

Science is killing the god fantasy and pro-science Christians know it. The creationists have solved this problem. They just deny all science they don't like. Pro-science Christians can't do that because they have a brain. They could throw out their god fantasy but they don't want to do that because they need the magical heaven fantasy.

Their solutions include this nutty idea: "I believe that God designed the universe for natural selection, knowing beforehand that it would result in beautiful things."

My question for pro-science Christians: Have you thought this idea out completely? If you think your god used its magical powers to invent natural processes like gravity and natural selection, do you really think those natural processes would not work without a magical being inventing the rules? Natural processes work because they are natural. Nothing supernatural is required.

It's too bad I don't allow comments anymore. I would be a bit interested in their answers.

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