Saturday, June 3, 2017

What I wrote at Reddit - Chess about assholes who distract their opponent with a draw offer.

"If the position is obviously dead drawn, but for whatever reason my opponent declines a draw offer, what's the etiquette for making another offer? I can't really just offer a draw after every move, right? That would seem disrespectful. So how many moves would you say is an acceptable amount before offering a draw again?"
It's not necessary to offer a draw. Just try to repeat the position 3 times. If your opponent doesn't cooperate the answer is no. If you ask for a draw, which is distracting aka rude, and the answer is no, then do not offer a draw again. If your opponent wants a draw he will repeat the position 3 times or offer a draw. If he doesn't want a draw he won't do these things so don't be a pest.
I never ask for a draw. Threefold repetition is what I use. It's totally wrong to distract the opponent with a draw offer. Distracting the opponent is cheating in my opinion.

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