Friday, June 23, 2017

The burning stupidity of Christianity and the cowardly idiots who believe in it. What I wrote at Reddit.

The debate's subject is the title, "Has science buried God?"
There is nothing to debate. Reality is what it is. Reality is not an opinion. 
Science explains reality.
The magic god fairy requires throwing out reality.
Take your pick. If you're insane and a coward you want to throw out reality. If you have a brain you accept reality.
"I will answer myself: 1. I think Craig definitely won."
Amazing. You're voting for the cowardly idiot. "Duh, duh, the Magic Man did it, duh."
Sorry but I have zero tolerance for superstitious nonsense. This is the 21st century. We know things these days. The god-soaked want to throw out all that knowledge and replace it with their childish everything-is-magic fantasy world. The religious nuts are pathetic and they deserve to be ridiculed, especially with the all brainwashing and violence that comes with these disgusting death cults.
After the 9/11 religious atrocities the time for being nice is over with. Religions are destroying this planet and that's why they need to be eradicated.
One more thing:
"Craig made me believe that intelligent design is a logically strong position."
Why can't you people be honest? Instead of using the code words "intelligent design" call it what it really is: The Magic Man did it.
Either way you're making a fool out of yourself but at least nobody can accuse you of being a liar if you admit you have a childish belief in supernatural magic.

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