Friday, February 24, 2017

Human apes are not the pinnacle of evolution. There is no pinnacle. The eye of an Eagle is many times more powerful than human eyes. We are not the big fucking deal some people think we are.

"An eagle is said to be able to spot a rabbit 3.2 km away." To help Americans understand that's about 2 miles.

Eagles evolved to be able to see prey 2 miles away. The stronger their eyesight became the more likely they survived long enough to reproduce.

Another interesting fact about birds: They evolved from one branch of dinosaurs, the only branch that did not go extinct 66 million years ago. Birds are dinosaurs.

At a museum I noticed the skeleton of a ostrich was almost identical to the skeleton of a small dinosaur.

Another interesting fact, a very disgusting fact, wind power kills eagles. I'm an environmentalist so I am against wind power. Solar power is OK but only when the sun shines. The way to go is natural gas which is why natural gas pipelines are a good thing. Compared to coal natural gas is very clean.

Chinese cities are so polluted thanks to coal it's difficult to breathe some days. It's obvious the human race is responsible for global warming. China is the problem. Fuck China.

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