Monday, April 11, 2016

StCleve72 wrote about the bullshit in the disgusting bible.

Magic Tales
Not long ago there were a series of books written with Harry 

Magic Tales
Not long ago there were a series of books written with Harry Potter in the titles in which the characters could perform magic acts. Many centuries ago there were two books written called the Old and New Testament, best known as “The Holy Bible”, also filled with magical tales. In the former, pieces of wood held in people’s hands could make objects move around, in the latter they could cause rivers to part. In “Potter” food could suddenly appear on tables out of nowhere and in the Bibles it fell from the sky ready to eat. In one there were fire breathing dragons, in the other, well, fire breathing dragons. Harry and his friends could fly around on broom-sticks, will themselves to disappear from one place and reappear far away, talk to snakes, make potions to transform themselves into other people, even time travel and speak to the dead. In the Bibles, a woman springs fully grown from the rib of a man and talks with a snake, another woman is turned into a pillar of salt, and yet another gives birth after being impregnated by an invisible being and the offspring does many magical things like walking on water and coming back to life after dying. Both books feature mass murderers, one named Voldemort who murders thousands, the other named “God” who kills every human being on earth (including children) except for one family. The major difference between these two book sets is that readers of Harry Potter understand that the stories are fiction, fantasy, while readers of the Bibles seem not to.

Fantasy is a pervasive element of humanity, but isn’t it important for grown human beings to be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality?

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