If you look at the universe and study the universe, what you find is that there is no evidence that we need anything other than the laws of physics and the other laws of science to explain everything we see. There's absolutely no evidence that we need any supernatural hand of god. -- Lawrence Krauss, World-Renowned Physicist
There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms. -- Encyclopedia Britannica
FAITH. No one word personifies the absolute worst and most wicked properties of religion better than that. Faith is mind-rot. It’s the poison that destroys critical thinking, undermines evidence, and leads people into lives dedicated to absurdity. It’s a parasite regarded as a virtue. -- PZ Myers
Religion is the antithesis of science, an anesthetic for the mind that disables critical thought and encourages the acceptance of inanity as fact, and wishful thinking as evidence. -- PZ Myers

Saturday, April 30, 2016

On 4/30/2016 I put this stuff here to make my home page less big so it loads faster. This is totally private so make sure this blog is never open to the public.

5/13/2015 COMMENT: This SEEKING ALPHA POST about KMI with 268 comments was very negative about KMI which is good because it might help keep the KMI price down.
4/28/2015 COMMENT:  MY $2,771.90 2ND MAC MINI ARRIVED 3/30/2015. My first Mac Mini arrived 5/13/2005. I retired on Saturday 4/18/2015 at 6:00am. This by the way is a GOOGLE SEARCH link.
4/22/2015 COMMENT: This is from Seeking Alpha AT&T (T) Q1 2015 Results - Earnings Call Transcript and it shows beyond any doubt AT&T is a rock solid corporation that will easily continue the same dividend increases for the next 1/2 century, also known as long after I drop dead. People in the USA and Mexico are never going to stop using their cell phones and computers. AT&T is safe, safe, safe. Being diversified is important but I could buy only AT&T and nothing else and still have nothing to worry about. Eventually, after I have moved and have more income than I could ever imagine having, I can start buying Kinder Morgan and other corporations.
4/14/2015 COMMENT: Chris Niles, the wealthy guy who rents and soon will buy apt 804 at the Criterion with the trophy wife (best baker on the planet, daughter of professional football player, his two sons at the Air Force Academy and West Point, his daughter, Eve, a university student who taught kindergarten in Australia, and who has a job advising extremely wealthy customers on how to invest their money, gave me his card which is in my wallet and he said I could call him any time I want to get free advice on any investment I want to make. I will email him instead when necessary. What's on the 4/14/2015 card is also at http://financialservicesinc.ubs.com/team/clarkeniles/meetourteam.html.
4/14/2015 COMMENT: I started working at Criterion only on Monday nights on 5/4/2009 and started working full time on 6/8/2009. I started at $9.75 and hour and was making $11.50 and hour when I quit my job at Criterion almost 6 years later on Tuesday morning 4/14/2015. My last night will be Friday 4/17//2015. I'm being replaced by John Martin, stepson of one of Roger's tennis friends. I quit on Tuesday morning 4/14/2015, on Wednesday night 4/15/2015 at a bar with a tennis friend Roger said I was quitting my job. His friend knew I work 3rd shift. He told Roger his son prefers 3rd shift and would be interested in my job. Roger got back from the bar before I left for work Wednesday night and just before I left he told me John would be coming in Thursday morning to fill out an application. Wednesday night at work I spent two hours writing up a 2 page list of things to do on 3rd shift on Microsoft Word. Thursday morning when I saw Mr. Soucy I told him what happened and the guy prefers 3rd shift. I told Mr. Soucy my fantasy was you would like him, I could train him Thursday night, he could start Monday night 4/20/2015, and my last night would be Friday 4/17/2015. John came in that Thursday morning while Roger was at work at 1st shift. Roger said Mr. Soucy liked John and he had Mr. Geer (President of the Board of Directors) come down and Mr. Geer liked John. John was offered the job on Thursday, on Thursday night I spent 5 hours training him (after spending 2 hours the previous night writing a two page things-to-do list). At the end I told John to think of the Criterion as his 2nd home and the 1st floor residents as his neighbors. At the end of my shift Friday morning I saw Mr. Soucy for the last time. I told Mr. Soucy that John repeatedly surprised me with his competence and being willing to work hard. Mr. Soucy at the end of the conversation gave me high praise and I returned that praise. He is an excellent manager. I then left in time to catch the 5:50AM bus home. I worked Friday night 4/17/2015 which was the last time I will ever work. John starts Monday night 4/20/2015 and I expect this 27 year old guy who is from the Philippines and who is 1/2 African and who prefers 3rd shift, a sushi chef and computer expert, to work there longer than Brian's 22 years. As I explained to Mr. Soucy, I am out of debt even though I just bought an expensive computer, my monthly expenses are $1,300 a month, and my Social Security income is $1,975 a month (after automatic payment of $104.90 for medicare). That means I have $675 extra every month, and every three months I will use the $2,025 saved and the quarterly dividends to buy more T or KMI, giving myself a raise every 3 months, making it possible for me to eventually move to the 4th floor apartment in building R for about $900 to $1,000 a month, while still making enough money to continue giving myself a raise every 3 months. It might be 5 or 6 or more years before I can move, but getting a raise every 3 months without having to do any actual work sounds like a good idea. This summer I will be able to swim every night, making age 110 more likely. I will be swimming, studying chess, playing chess, taking care of my health, visiting nature at the canal near here, reading my books, cleaning my apartment and throwing out stuff, and getting much more sleep any time I want (no more alarm clocks). My manager said I would be bored. I explained I've been retired before and I was definitely not bored. Manager said he could retire now but he would rather work.
$300 a month at Publix for fruit, water, paper towels, etc.
$431 a month for two burgers a day from Five Guys.
$100 a month for online purchases of drugstore stuff and vitamins, all of which I have been making last longer.
$30 a month for WSJ newspaper.
$42 a month for phone bill.
$372 a month for rent and internet.
$18 a month for cleaning my teeth ($90 every 5 months for Maria divided by 5 months).
Transportation is $4.00 dollars a year or virtually zero dollars, so this does not count.
Total monthly expenses is $1,293 or about $1,300 a month.
$1,975 Social Security minus $1,300 a month to live equals $675 saved every month times 3 months equals $2,025 (plus dividends) to invest in T or KMI every 3 months.
4/5/2015 COMMENT: I have sold all 353 shares of KMI so I could pay off all my debts and so I could quit job. I will resign 4/21/2015 and hopefully my last night will be 4/24/2015. After I retire I will be able to spend about $1,800 on buying T every 3 months, about $7,200 a year. Eventually I will make enough extra income to be able to rent Chris's 4th floor apt at building R, and still be able to continue to invest in the stock market. From the 4/6/2015 Barrons: The dividend matters to AT&T. "Saying the dividend is important to us is an understatement...we are committed to it."
3/10/2015 COMMENT: I think that from now on I should buy KMI and only KMI because T is something that I might not be able to hold on to forever, while I am sure KMI will always be successful. I fear that eventually Google will kill T. See AT&T Risk Reduced Following Google Announcements. I do not want to own something I might have to worry about in the distant future. I buy stuff to keep for life, and that means for more than 40 years there must be no problems.
3/7/2015 COMMENT: In March & April 2015 save money then buy $2,771.90 computer, then pay off Citibank, then pay off Capital One, then pay off Bank of America, then pay off Chase Freedom last. Then in September or October 2015 if I can't stand working anymore, quit job. Otherwise quit job in the 3rd or 4th week of January 2016. Also, I could work in February, March, April 2016. But I must quit job on or before May 2016 so I can start swimming 7 nights a week in the summer. After all debt has been paid off and I'm still working then every month on Social Security pay day, buy as much KMI or T as I can. Plan to use Chase Freedom card for the rest of my life, but let Bank of America have the automatic monthly payment for the Wall Street Journal. I will create a monthly email reminder to pay Bank of America in full the day after Bank of America processes that WSJ payment. I want to use Bank of America every month for the WSJ so they don't drop me. I might need Bank of America some day for the low interest rate. The Bank of America credit limit is $6,000 and that should be good enough because I use Chase Freedom for my monthly expenses. However after paying off all credit cards and while still working, I will use Bank of America's website to ask for a $12,000 credit limit.
3/6/2015 COMMENT: To avoid losing my precious 353 shares of KMI I will probably instead pay off credit cards using my monthly social security income (and other income) April 2015 to September 2015. I would claim extra income in early June for 5 vacation days, early July for last 5 vacation days, then a sick day in early August and a 2nd sick day in early September to pay off debt faster. Then I could quit in September 2015 but I will probably instead work until January 2016 to get all xmas bonus cash before quitting job. So that's 7 or 11 months of work instead of 3 months of work. In March & April 2015 I will use Social Security income to pay Chase enough to be able to use Chase card to buy a new $2,771.90 computer. After I get new computer working I can then decide do I sell 353 shares to pay off credit cards and then quit, or do I keep the 353 shares, pay off credit cards using Social Security income, and then quit in September 2015 or January 2016. I have 6 days off in November & December 2015 so it would be easy to keep working until January 2016.
3/1/2015 COMMENT: DUMP ALL OF KMI AS SOON AS IT HITS $42 A SHARE. This is totally wrong and not very likely but it is an option. Right now my right thumb hurts, my left wrist and left arm hurts, and I still have a problem with my right shoulder. What I could do is continue to get out of debt in March 2015 & April 2015 & May 2015, and during this time, if KMI sold for $43 a share (it's at $41.01 now) I would get 353 shares * $43 = $15,179 which would get me completely out of debt immediately, or I could sell 353 shares at $42 a share and get $14,826. WAIT UNTIL THE CLOSING DATE, 3 BUSINESS DAYS AFTER I SELL ALL 353 SHARES OF KMI, THEN TRANSFER ALL THE CASH FROM BROKER TO CHECKING. Then in May or June 2015 save money for the $2,771.90 computer then buy it as soon as I can afford it in May or June 2015. And then quit my job, while suggesting Regina and Regina's husband might want to take care of the entire 3rd shift, 7 nights a week. The advantage is I could retire in 2015 as soon as May or June or July. Then I could swim every night this summer and focus on letting my problems heal themselves which would be more difficult to fix at Criterion because Criterion has caused all these injuries. My idea is not rational but I might do it anyway, instead of waiting until January 2016. I will still be able to save about $375 a month or $4,500 a year. Every 3 months use my extra income plus dividend to buy more shares of T or KMI.$4,500 a year. My SS income is $1975 a month tax free (after paying medicare) and I only need $1,600 a month (worst case scenario) to live on. I will use Chase from now on because they have best website but keep Bank of America active with one purchase a month (WSJ automatic payment) which I can pay immediately after it gets charged to my Bank of America account (use monthly email reminder to pay Bank of America $30.73 on the 6th of every month). LET'S QUIT JOB AT THE END OF JULY 2015, AFTER CLAIMING ONE WEEK VACATION PAY IN EARLY JUNE 2015 AND ONE WEEK VACATION PAY IN EARLY JULY 2015, BUT IF I CAN RETIRE IN APRIL OR MAY 2015 THEN RETIRE IN APRIL OR MAY 2015. Do NOT ask Bank of America for credit card limit increase to $12,000. If I ever need to spend up to $6,000 on something (for example 20% of my medical bills while medicare pays 80%) I can use Bank of America for it for the low interest rate, while using Chase for monthly purchases which I would pay in full every month. Before buying shares create a $1,000 emergency fund and put it in checking account. This way I can be sure I will never have to sell any shares or go into debt.
2/23/2015 COMMENT: March 2015 DO NOT buy KMI one more time. March 2015 thru August 2015 pay off the entire $15,000 debt. September 2015 to October 2015 save money for new computer then buy it. November 2015 & December 2015 buy T. Also, in November 2015 ask for and get Bank of America to increase my credit limit to $12,000. In January 2016 make a decision. Do I quit job now in January 2016, or do I continue using my Social Security income to buy more shares of T??????? If I do decide to keep working then in February 2016 ask Regina for the usual 9 nights off. One nice thing about staying at Criterion longer: I'm out of debt and I own a new computer, so I can quit at any time. Every night I can come to work knowing that I can quit in the morning if I want to. DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THESE PLANS. DO NOT TELL ANYONE I CAN QUIT AT ANY TIME. When I quit I could suggest to manager maybe Regina and Regina's husband can fill in for me until you find someone to replace me. It's up to you, I can work as long as necessary, but if Regina and her husband don't mind filling in for me I could retire as soon as they're ready to do that. LET'S RESIGN ON 1/19/2016. I DON'T WANT TO BE A SLAVE ANYMORE. Do not spend the January 2016 Social Security payment until I know my exact quit date.
2/22/2015 COMMENT: I want to spend $2,771.90 (including Florida sales tax) on a new Mac Mini computer. Do not waste money on Wi-Fi & Flash storage because I don't need those things. The price includes the only extra upgrades I need which are its faster processor and more memory and for $99 I get 3 years of being able to ask unlimited questions on telephone (use RMC's phone). AND also get a new 27 inch screen, a new wired apple mouse, a new wireless keyboard for $2,771.90 including tax. The Apple Airport Express is something I can buy later if I move where there is Wi-Fi. While I am still working pay for it after getting out of debt from March 2015 to August 2015, and then saving Social Security income in September 2015 & October 2015. BUY THE NEW COMPUTER IN OCTOBER 2015 FOR $2,771.90 INCLUDING TAX. Before I quit I will have installed new computer and will be able to use my Google spreadsheets. This will give me a much faster computer which will work on all websites. And I would not have to use create new spreadsheets using AppleWorks. http://store.apple.com/us/buy-mac/mac-mini I bought these speakers for new computer on 3/14/2015: Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bass Flex Technology FROM AMAZON FOR $54.86 & FREE Shipping. Since I will get a new screen, new keyboard, and new mouse, I can still use old computer when necessary. The new computer will be in porch. The old computer can be on the same table as the screen (where the old broken iMac computer is) since I wouldn't use it very much. Before buying the new Mac Mini computer copy and paste all F12 information to a new Darwin blog post. Also copy to the same post all the links from the Safari Bookmarks Bar, what music I have on iTunes, and everything else I might need on new computer. For automatic fill in of user names and passwords, the new Safari has what I need at Safari 6/7 (Mavericks): Automatically fill in passwords, credit cards, and more On a website, enter your user name and password to sign in. To save the information so Safari can automatically provide it next time, click Save Password when asked. And if that does not work for all websites then use KEEPASS PASSWORD SAFE which works exactly like what I use on old Mac Mini and it's free. For more information see THIS and THIS and KEEPASS INFO but what I really want is KyPass Companion By Miguel Vanhove Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. 8 DOLLARS. However, for websites that won't allow "automatic fill in passwords" it might be easier to just copy and paste userids and/or passwords from NEW STUFF. Use this or this to block all ads on new computer to make websites load faster. Also, after my last day at Criterion I can try using Alex for chess.com, see Chess section of New Stuff. Use this to get JIN CHESS on my new Mac Mini: •Jin for Mac OS X Lion and later versions (17 MB, .dmg file) LAST DAY OF WORK LOG OUT OF CHESS.COM. LAST DAY OF WORK HIRE CHRIS FOR $45 TO TAKE ME HOME AND PUT OLD BLACK CHAIR IN HIS TRUNK, BRING BUNGEE CORDS.
2/21/2015 COMMENT: ONE MORE TIME ON 3/11/2015 BUY KMI BEFORE I START GETTING OUT OF DEBT IN APRIL 2015. This does not change my 1/19/2016 quit date.
2/20/2015 COMMENT: QUIT JOB as soon as I can get out of debt. Effective immediately I will stop buying shares and start getting out of debt. First to not waste money on paying interest I will pay off Citibank then Capital One then Chase Freedom then pay off Bank of America (while still using Chase Freedom) then pay off Chase Freedom again while using Bank of America from now on. Then get $12,000 credit limit on Bank of America, and make sure I have the 3 AppleWorks spreadsheets I need, then wait for Santa Claus bonus in December. I calculated that I'm $15,868 in debt and it will take me to about September 2015 or October 2015 to get completely out of debt. So I might as well wait until January 19, 2016 Tuesday to quit job. I'm expecting $150 from apt 904 on 1/15/2016, let's be sure I get this before quitting. Dates 904 paid, most recent 1st: 1/15 1/9 2/5 1/11 12/16. While I'm waiting buy all the "T" I can get, and after I retire continue buying "T" every 3 months using dividend income from both T & KMI and using $400 a month from Social Security. Then let "TIME" make me wealthy eventually.
2/18/2015 COMMENT: When I'm ready to retire, work 3 more months to save money for a new apple computer, then buy that computer, then quit job. This way I can use the same Google spreadsheets at home that I have been updating at work. On 2/17/2015 the Google spreadsheets stopped working on my 10 year old Mac Mini computer. I am all set up to use both the new & old computer thanks to my "D-Link" router. By the way an alternative to buying a new computer is I can use my old "AppleWorks" spreadsheet software which would mean more work to create the spreadsheets but it would all be free. Also, I found out that by logging out of "Bob Curry" and logging in to "Robert Curry" I can see all my ancient AppleWorks spreadsheets and the Quicken file I used for my checking account. And also I can see all the many posts I saved when Google vaporized my old Darwin blog. I just need to remember my password for logging in to both "Bob Curry" & "Robert Curry" is "bob1bob". And I can transfer stuff from "Robert Curry" to "Bob Curry" by dragging it to "Macintosh HD" using "Finder". However the AppleWorks spreadsheets on "Bob Curry" are locked so I would have to figure out how to solve that problem. If necessary I could create new spreadsheets using the "AppleWorks" link on the left side of this screen, the stuff that appears when the mouse is on it. OK, I solved the "locked problem". Move the spreadsheet from "Robert Curry" to "Bob Curry" using "Macintosh HD" then move it to the "Bob Curry" desk top then double click it and choose "Open a copy" (because it's locked) then select the AppleWorks File menu then select "save as" to whatever and set "Where" to desk top. I already did this for one of the spreadsheets, the only spreadsheets I need that I can get from "Robert Curry", it has the label AppleWorks STOCK HISTORY on the "Bob Curry" desktop. Before I quit make sure I have all the spreadsheets I need on AppleWorks, including a "CHECKING" spreadsheet which I will have to create from scratch, and including the "IMPORTANT" spreadsheet which I will also have to create from scratch. At work write down the formulas of all the cells (double click the cell to see the formula). Then at home build the two spreadsheets on AppleWorks, using AppleWorks way of doing things. Must complete this project before quitting job which should be no later than 2/7/2017, age 68. SUMMARY OF WHAT I JUST WROTE: I need 3 new AppleWorks spreadsheets. I already have one on my desktop, ready to use, it's called AppleWorks STOCK HISTORY. The other two spreadsheets, "CHECKING" and "IMPORTANT", I will have to create using AppleWorks, using the same method, same formulas (modified to do it the way AppleWorks requires), and exact same format I already have on Google Spreadsheets which does not work on my 10 year old Mac Mini. The "IMPORTANT" spreadsheet on AppleWorks only needs KMI and T, not the other corporations. Keep it simple and have only what I need.
2/15/2015 COMMENT: QUIT JOB 8/2/2016 TUESDAY. In case I change my mind, in February 2016 request the usual 9 nights off. Before I quit create a document that lists everything I do at work, label it "Things to do 3rd shift Monday night to Friday night" and hide it in a previous month of the daily logs. After I quit move it to current month of the daily logs. In June 2016 I will be done with getting out of debt. In July 2016 I can buy more shares of KMI or T. After I quit in August I can use my dividend income and about $400 a month from Social Security to continue buying shares.
2/9/2015 COMMENT: QUIT JOB 4/18/2017 TUESDAY (Get to swim every night the entire summer) OR 8/15/2017 TUESDAY (Get 2 weeks vacation pay in June & July 2017). THEN REINVEST DIVIDENDS AND INVEST WHAT I DON'T NEED FROM SOCIAL SECURITY INCOME TO EVENTUALLY MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO MOVE TO A $1,000 A MONTH APARTMENT OR HOUSE.
2/1/2015 COMMENT: Using numbers I'm not sure about I figured if I work to age 71 (February 2020) my dividend income will be about $10,000 a year. I hope I'm wrong and my dividend income in February 2020 is at least $12,000,  In any case quit job on 2/1/2020 which is my 71st birthday, or retire sooner if I can get up to $12,000 a year sooner.
12/30/2014 COMMENT: On 8/28/2018 Tuesday 5:00AM tell manager I'm ready to retire, after I get 2 weeks vacation pay in June & July. Save 5 sick days for days off in case I decide to not quit. Also, in case I decide to not quit, in February 2018 ask for the usual 9 nights off. OR I COULD WAIT UNTIL ANNUAL DIVIDEND INCOME IS AT LEAST $25,000 A YEAR.
1/31/2015 COMMENT: After doing much research I have changed my mind about T. They can handle any threats from Google or anyone else. The T dividends are super safe. Mr. Niles was correct, everyone should own KMI and T. Buy T instead of KMI but only when T's 2019 dividend is greater than KMI's 2019 dividend, and that could be a very long time from now.
1/28/2015 COMMENT: DO NOT BUY T because of the comments in THIS. GOOGLE is going to kill AT&T and VERIZON.
1/21/2015 COMMENT: DO NOT BUY T because of this & this. Because KMI is the only corporation that actually promises the exact amount of future dividends for the next 5 years, a 10% increase every year which is fantastic, I say buy KMI and only KMI from now on, no matter what the price is. In the long run I will have a higher dividend income, and I see no reason why the USA will ever stop using natural gas which does not harm the environment very much and is dependable and not expensive.
1/18/2015 COMMENT: I now have (before my 1st 2/11/2015 Social Security $1975 direct deposit on the 2nd Wednesday of every month) 261 shares of KMI which will pay $840.42 in 2020 and eventually will pay more than $1,000 a  year.  I have decided to buy only T from now on for a few reasons. T is rock-solid safe as is its growing dividend. T pays its dividend on the 1st day of February, May, August, and November, just a few days before the Social Security payment some time between the 8th and the 14th of the month. And because T's stock price is stable (does not go up or down very much) T has a higher dividend yield than KMI.  KMI's yield rises faster but T for the 1st 3 years pays more money to reinvest and at a very convenient time for me, just before I get Social Security. The KMI dividend which is paid on the same months on the 15th will be used to pay my bills, which will allow me to spend that much more on T on the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  This strategy will allow me to get enough dividend payments to retire earlier, and will also help me get out of debt faster when I pay off all 4 credit cards during a several month period from December 2015 to about June or July 2016. The point is to retire earlier and be able to move to Chris's 4th floor apartment sooner.
1/2/2015 COMMENT: Consider buying BP if and when BP hits a new 52 week low.
12/29/2014 COMMENT: VZ looks safer than T but T is safe enough and the yield is bigger for T.
12/24/2014 COMMENT: If and when KMI gets too expensive then buy T especially if T has a dividend yield greater than 5.60%. KMI is increasing their dividend faster than anyone. Also, KMI will keep its promises no matter what happens to the price of oil. It's possible that I might buy only KMI and nothing else for the rest of my life, but most likely I will also be buying T. Always when I buy shares use my most important spreadsheet to compare KMI and T and VZ and BP and CVX.
12/22/2014 COMMENT: Always leave dividend in brokerage account, then buy new shares with the dividends, the monthly social security income, and Criterion income. Buy shares of KMI oT only once a month the same morning I get social security. Then there will be only one $8.95 Schwab fee every month. UPDATE 1/18/2015: Move all dividends to checking then move them back to Broker when I'm ready to buy more shares on the 2nd Wednesday of the month or after KMI pays dividend.

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