Sunday, May 3, 2015

America's god-soaked assholes and their never ending war against science.

In America there is a never ending war against science. Why? What's the problem? Why do science deniers deny the established truth of evolution by natural selection even though it's the strongest fact of science, supported by thousands of evidences from several branches of science?
The problem is the science deniers want to throw out science and replace it with their magical ideas. That's very strange because magic is just a childish fantasy and most certainly magic is not real.  
There could nothing more anti-science than magic. So people who want to defend their magical ideas have to attack science, they have to attack scientists, and worst of all they have to attack science education.
Can this terrible problem be fixed? Can these people be cured, or is there some way to at least keep them from destroying science education?
So far it doesn't look good here in Idiot America. The science deniers always lose in court but that doesn't prevent them from harassing and threatening biology teachers, or trying to get laws passed to dumb down science education to accommodate their magical ideas.
Sometimes I think there is no hope for this country. We will forever be an international laughing stock.

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