Saturday, September 27, 2014

Priceless stuff written by internet name "Fiveofswords".

It's remarkable that evolution was widely accepted before DNA, which was predicted, was actually discovered.
Now that we know about DNA there simply is nothing to speak about anymore.
It's accepted that organisms pass their DNA to offspring. Its accepted that DNA does not always replicate perfectly. Its accepted (almost a tautology) that organisms more capable of surviving are also more likely to survive.
These three facts, when taken together, must logically result in the truth of evolution. If a person cannot comprehend that, then imho the only explanation is that they are either ignorant of those facts, or they are an fact they would ironically imho somewhat inferior to the average chimpanzee in their capacity for abstract reasoning.
any sort of subterfuge is pointless...the theoretical lack of perfect knowledge is irrelevant, the 'freedom' to have stupid ideas without facing prison time is irrelevant. The only personal choice here is whether you want to be a child or an adult...can you handle reality or not.

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