Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Anti-science Christian assholes have to lie about everything to defend their childish ridiculous magical creationism fantasy. What I wrote at another website.

"If he says something like the above, you can be absolutely sure that he follows it up by explaining how it's not the problem Creationists think it is."
This is called quote mining. It's extremely dishonest. And this is what the professional science deniers do all the time. Their customers copy and paste the dishonesty, never bothering to check the facts. Laziness is no excuse for lying.
Something I wrote here earlier:
"I'm especially in love with the science deniers. I worship the science deniers. They have a few minor problems, for example they're wrong about everything, they harass and threaten biology teachers, they're extremely dishonest, and they brainwash children, but still I love them all."
 Why are creationists dishonest? They have to lie about everything because look at what they're defending: The ridiculous idea that a magical being waved a magical wand to magically create every creature out of nothing.
And look at what the science deniers are attacking: An entire branch of science, virtually all of biology. And who are they attacking? Every biology department of every university in the world, including Harvard and MIT.
So of course the creationists have to lie about everything. It's impossible to defend magic, so they have to lie about science.
Fortunately there are solutions for this dishonestly problem. The best solution is to completely ignore them for the same reason people ignore cockroaches. An alternative is to google their quote mining which always proves they were dishonestly leaving something out. Dishonesty doesn't work because everyone knows the liar is lying.
But still the creationists lie about everything. What to call their problem I will leave to other people.

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