Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A question for evolution deniers

Creationists, did you know understanding evidence for evolution is a lot more interesting than denying it?

Creationists, I asked you this question because I'm trying to help you. You are not only failing to understand the most important fact of science, you are also missing out on how interesting and exciting evolution can be. I don't think you creationists have any idea what you're missing.

"The religious imagination is paltry and petty compared to the awesome reality."
-- PZ Myers

What is most interesting is when biologists make predictions which must be true or else there's a serious problem with evolution. Biologists are constantly testing evolution this way. If they ever test evolution and it's shown to be a problem for evolution they would become famous for making this discovery.

Many creationists have the idea that biologists cover up any problems with evolution. That is just plain wrong. Any biologist who found something wrong with evolution would win instant fame. From the National Academy of Sciences: "If there were serious problems in evolutionary science, many scientists would be eager to win fame by being the first to provide a better testable alternative. That there are no viable alternatives to evolution in the scientific literature is not because of vested interests or censorship but because evolution has been and continues to be solidly supported by evidence."

Always, so far, every prediction made about evolution has been correct. Evolution has passed every test.

Understanding why evolution always passes these tests is many more times interesting than just denying the whole thing without bothering to understand anything. Many of you creationists don't even understand the dishonest nonsense you love to copy and paste.

Here is an excellent example of predictions biologists made to test evolution: Human Chromosome Two. I have seen what the professional liars for the magic jeebus man have written about this evidence for evolution so don't bother to provide a link or copy and paste it. Any knowledgeable person would immediately know the liars don't even know what they're talking about.

This is the creationist problem. They make no effort to understand the evidence. They just automatically and without thinking, copy and paste the professional liar's nonsense.

I am asking you creationists to at least try to understand because you just might realize "Hey, this stuff is interesting."

The great geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky wrote in 1973, "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." The more you study evolution the more you will agree with his famous quote.

When the complete genome of both humans and chimpanzees became available for biologists to compare DNA sequences of these two ape species, they noticed something very interesting. The human apes have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but the chimpanzee apes have 24 pairs. So biologists made two predictions. People must have a chromosome that is a fusion of two chromosomes, and there must be two chromosomes in chimps that match the fused chromosome in humans.

If these predictions turned out to be false, biologists would have to throw out 150 years of scientific progress and praise Jeebus.

Of course the predictions were correct, spectacularly correct, perfectly correct in every possible extreme detail. Evolution passed the test. We share an ancestor with chimps.

If you're interested in this evidence for evolution which Brown University biologist Ken Miller said is "lead-pipe evidence" please see Human chromosome 2 and chimpanzee chromosomes 2p & 2q.

"So the case is closed in a most beautiful way, and that is, the prediction of evolution of common ancestry is fulfilled by that lead-pipe evidence that you see here in terms of tying everything together, that our chromosome formed by the fusion from our common ancestor is Chromosome Number 2. Evolution has made a testable prediction and has passed."
-- Ken Miller

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