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Sunday, October 23, 2016

10/24/2016 What I wrote for Apple Computer Help about my 2 problems since the last Safari update. I will copy & paste from here. Or I could copy & paste from iCliplite.

Serial number: C07PF17VG1J2

Ever since the last Safari update I noticed 2 problems.
The 1st problem: I have system preferences set to announce the time on the quarter hour and I'm not hearing that anymore even though my speaker is set to a high volume.
The 2nd problem: On the sidebar reading list I am unable to delete what I have finished reading. Before there was something I could click to delete this stuff but that thing is gone.
Will these 2 problems be fixed?

After a 7 minute wait I got apple support. Suggestions were made for both problems. Both suggestions did not work. I'm going to try again. Copy and paste this stuff:

Case Id: 100051046404
I have a Mac Mini computer with all the Apple software updates. The computer was manufactured in late 2014.
The 1st problem with announcing time on the quarter hour not working: I tried what I was told to try - "for the date and time, we would simply want to reset that-you can shut off that settings, then restart the computer, then turn it back on. That should get that working again" I did that but I'm still not getting any time anouncement on the quarter hour even though my speaker is on a loud volume and even though I shut off the time announcement setting, then restarted the computer then turned back on the announcement setting. This has always worked perfectly for more than a year, then after the last software update from Apple it stopped working. Obviously to me that software update caused the problem. In any case I should not have to fight my computer for something as simple as getting the time announced.
The 2nd problem. This was recommended: "if you Right Click, or Option click on the item you are trying to remove you will see 'remove Item'."
I did that. I pressed and held the option button and clicked the reading list item I wanted to delete. I looked hard but nowhere could I find "remove item". Before the last Apple software update there was for each item which if I remember correctly was a small x in the upper right corner of every item on the reading list. All I had to do was click that x and the item was deleted. Ever since the last software update that x has been missing. It would be nice to have that x back some day. I should not have to fight my computer for something as simple as deleting a website from my Safari reading list.
Could you please tell your software guys to fix the 2 problems I think they caused. I can live without these things but it bugs me that something that was easy and always worked no longer works at all. And by the way despite these minor problems I love Apple. I worship you people.

UPDATE: I was able to delete items from reading list but instead of using option+click I had to use control+click because I have a Logitech keyboard. I was able to get time announcement working by repairing the disk, an idea I found with a google search. So both problems have been fixed. 10/24/2016.

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