Sunday, December 21, 2014

What I wrote at another website in a thread about America's science deniers, aka fucking idiots.

  • "They're happy to believe (which is ok by me btw) what they want to believe."
    It doesn't matter to me if uneducated idiots want to stay uneducated. The problem is these idiots brainwash children. They all do it. And there's thousands of idiots who have made brainwashing children their career.
    Teaching children to hate and fear science, which is what all these anti-science idiots do, is the worst possible kind of child abuse because the brain-damage they cause is usually incurable. For example does anyone here think the brain damaged idiots of are ever going to be able to grow up? Of course not. Their brain damage is incurable. Their pathetic lives are wasted.
    Creationism is a disease and it must be completely eradicated just like any other disease. We won't get there with these idiots making children stupid.
    Even worse these child abusers want to make everyone else's children stupid. Just like the Islamic State idiots, American idiots are constantly trying to dumb down or suppress the teaching of evolution. Their war against science education will never end until the idiots understand their abuse of children will not be tolerated.
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    The professional child abusers make their victims (American children) think the 4.5 Billion year old Earth is only 6,000 years old, which is equivalent to New York City being 28 feet from Los Angeles (somebody did the math).
    This burning stupid is out of control in Idiot America.
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    I have a blog about the religious war against science, scientists, and science education. This is one of the many things I wrote there:
    According to Florida's public school state science standards adopted in 2008 "Evolution is the fundamental concept underlying all of biology and is supported by multiple forms of scientific evidence." Evolution does not need defending because it's a basic scientific fact. The religious alternative, magical intelligent design creationism, is the most ridiculously stupid idea in the history of the human race. Creationism is more than an idiotic fantasy, it's a disease, a severe mental illness. Why do Christians deny the established truth of evolution, despite massive, powerful, and still growing evidence that's been accumulating for more than 150 years? There can be only one possible explanation. Christians (and their Muslim terrorist friends) are uneducated morons.

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