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Religion in Decline? Blame the Internet

religion: an organization that can completely ignore reality any time it wants.
Published here before it is censored by Yahoo cowards:
Magical god bullsh!t shoved down my throat repeatedly. This is child abuse. The child abusers belong in prison.

expertgal = airhead. Airheads are incurable because there is only air where their brains should be.

The airhead wrote "we know at death, paradise awaits us"

Typical cowardly retard. Terrified of reality and willing to believe any bullsh!t to avoid reality.

I never met a Christian who wasn't a cowardly moron. I never met a Christian asshole who didn't brainwash children. All Christians are stupid f*cking assholes.

Another f*cktard for Jeebus is "Hope is certainty", Look at what the asshole wrote. We don't connect with a magical being. And we blame the imaginary fairy for something. And the fairy has male sex organs.

I repeat: Christians are stupid f*cking assholes, and I can't stress the word "stupid" strongly enough. Christians are the most retarded subhumans in the history of the human race. I have met dogs more intelligent than Christian scum.
Imagine the people who believe such things and who are not ashamed to ignore, totally, all the patient findings of thinking minds through all the centuries since the Bible was written. And it is these ignorant people, the most uneducated, the most unimaginative, the most unthinking among us, who would make themselves the guides and leaders of us all; who would force their feeble and childish beliefs on us; who would invade our schools and libraries and homes. I personally resent it bitterly.

~Isaac Asimov

On 2/20/2014 Yahoo deleted this question before I could publish my answer:

Why do athiests hate the bible when it has 2000 prophecies fuffilled?

Has it ever occurred to you the bible was rewritten several times and these people who knew they were writing fiction changed the stories so that it would look like prophecies were fulfilled?

You probably think your bible is "The Word Of God". You are forgetting how ridiculous it would be for the magical master of countless trillions of solar systems to single out our insignificant little planet in the middle of nowhere for this special treatment.

Your idea that god loves you and wrote a book for you is called "wishful thinking".

The 21st century is a wonderful place to be but you prefer to live in the ancient past when everyone was superstitious and knew nothing about the natural world.

You are a victim of religious brainwashing. Some people are able to recover from this child abuse. Other people never grow out of it and they become the brainwashers.

It's known as the Rank-Raglan Mythotype. In it, one can clearly LEARN about how Moses, Mohammed, and Jesus fit a hero pattern.

Is Windstream's Dividend Sustainable?

Could someone please provide a list of religious atrocities?

The Cruelty of Creationism. A new documentary shows how biblical fundamentalism imprisons the mind.

HBO DOCUMENTARY ON DEMAND 2/10/2014 Questioning Darwin

I put this here before Yahoo deletes it:

Samuel, is there any magical bullsh!t you don't believe? For example the Easter Bunny. Do you believe in magical rabbits or just magical god fairies?

Magic is not real, mister. Stop living in the Dark Ages. Grow up and face facts.

"The ways of God are not open to reason, for God has freely chosen to create a world and establish a way of salvation within it apart from any necessary laws that human logic or rationality can uncover."

You can't exist without your ridiculous salvation fantasy. That's your problem. Reality makes you cry. Samuel, you're a coward and that's why you're afraid to grow up.

"For an atheist to presume with certainty that there is no EASTER BUNNY, first cause, spirit - whatever - are they in breach of the very thing to which they claim to hold fast?"

Do you see your problem? Your magical fairy fantasy is no less childish than the magical rabbit fantasy. You believe in magic.

But magic is not real. Any unbrainwashed child knows this. Magic is bulllsh!t. You believe in magic anyway, perhaps because you're insane.

Another idiot wrote "We don't have to prove God exists. He does that for Himself."

Your magical fairy has male sex organs.

The stupid. The burning stupid. That's the problem with Christian scum. They believe in bullsh!t because they're just plain stupid. And they brainwash children to believe in bullsh!t. This is child abuse. You Christian scum are child abusers. You morons have my contempt.

DARWIN QUOTE WHICH IS NOT GOOD BUT STILL NOT BAD FOR THE 19TH CENTURY: "In my most extreme fluctuations I have never been an atheist in the sense of denying the existence of god. I feel most deeply that the whole subject is too profound for the human intellect. A god might as well speculate on the mind of Newton."

Religious views of Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin, Abolitionist

TOTALLY EXCELLENT QUESTION AND ANSWERS AT Are there any sporting events that celebrate how God nailed His kid up to a pole because your grandpa ate a magic apple?

National GOP strategist Ford O’Connell said Christie is “sinking faster than the Titanic.”
“The cards are stacked against him,” O’Connell said, adding that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will benefit from Christie’s political swan dive.
Bush would lose because of his last name. I like Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin.
Do you think people actually go to heaven or is it a made up story?

The terrorists believe in it. That's why they blow themselves up every day. Four days ago 6 Muslims blew themselves up in Baghdad. They all thought they were going to have a 2nd life in a magical heaven.

Despite all these atrocities the heaven fantasy makes possible, cowardly people believe in it anyway.

The whole thing is impossible, childish, and ridiculous. Feeble-minded people believe in it anyway because it makes them feel good, and because reality makes them cry.


This is at
Heaven is impossible, childish, ridiculous, and it makes terrorism possible. Why not throw it out?

old asked 1 sec ago - 
A magical heaven is impossible, childish, and it makes terrorism possible. Why hasn't everyone thrown this ridiculous fantasy out?

I just don't understand why everyone still believes in this nonsense here in the 21st century. Even without the violence heaven makes possible it's still a denial of reality. Please help me understand why cowards still believe in it.

And FFS please don't delete my question. I would really like to understand this problem.

Terrorism is out of control. Do you really want to delete a question that's this important?

2/4/2014 debate bill nye vs. ken fucktard ham

QUESTIONING DARWIN (Feb. 10) takes an in-depth look at modern-day creationist theory embraced by those who reject evolution, and also examines how Charles Darwin’s findings and theory of natural selection affected his own conception of God in the mid-1800s. Director Antony Thomas (HBO’s “For Neda”) offers a fascinating and thought-provoking examination of a 150-year debate that has only intensified with the rise of evangelical Christianity in the United States.


Why are many Muslim countries backwards in science and other areas of technological innovation?

jumpas answered 3 hrs ago
Well one very simple way to understand this is to imagine yourself as head of a successful business wishing to expand markets, where would you invest capital and what would the criteria need to be that would inspire confidence and a return on investment? It certainly wouldn't be a third world rated country which had a history of unrest, war and corruption, it certainly wouldn't be a place where suicide bombing was rife and home made land mines and roadside explosive devices were prevalent along main arterial routes into and out of settlements. It wouldn't also be a place where the pool base of workers expected to be have constant periods of time everyday to be spent praying in works time at the expense of the employer, and it wouldn't be where the workforce was poorly skilled, untrustable to allegiance and highly volatile wherever matters of religion are concerned. So that rules out many islamic countries and reduces the sphere of operations for any expanding company to make capital investments in only solid stable environments.
"You shouldn't dance in front of male students." according to a religious person. Is this right or wrong?
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This subject was square dancing. A young woman was advised to not participate for religious reasons. The religion is of course Islam.

My question: Is this idea, not having fun at a square dance, right or wrong?

2014.02.01LebanonHermel323An al-Nusra suicide bomber sends three Shiites to Allah.
2014.01.31NigeriaUnguwar Kajit70Seven members of a Christian family are murdered in their own home by Muslim gunmen.
2014.01.30EgyptGiza10A policeman is murdered by Ansar Beit Al Maqdis as he leaves his house.
2014.01.30IraqBaghdad1850Six al-Qaeda suicide bombers storm a government office building and murder eighteen people.
2014.01.30ThailandPattani20Muslim radicals kill two people guarding a group of teachers with a homemade bomb.
2014.01.29IraqNew Baghdad512Shrapnel tears through a popular market, leaving five dead.
2014.01.29IraqCamp Sarah30Three Christians are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2014.01.29PakistanNazimabad35A bearded Shahid suicide bomber snuffs out the lives of three people.
2014.01.29ThailandNarathiwat23A shooting and separate bombing attack on a group of teachers leaves two civilians dead.
2014.01.29IraqHawija32al-Qaeda gunmen take down three Iraqis.
2014.01.29IraqBaghdad820Eight people lose their lives to a pair of Mujahid car bombs.
2014.01.29IraqBaghdad310Three patrons at a market are sectionalized by a Jihad bomb blast.
2014.01.28EgyptGiza10Ansar Beit al-Maqdis assassinate a government official.
2014.01.28PhilippinesDatu Piang02An 8-year-old girl and a pregnant woman are hurt by a Bangsamoro Islamist bomb.
2014.01.28EgyptCairo12Islamic extremists gun down a guard at a church.
2014.01.28IraqMuqdadiya64Six Iraqis are riddled with bullets by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2014.01.28IraqBalad23Two citizens are aerated by Religion of Peace ball bearings.
2014.01.28PakistanKarachi20Two religious minorities are shot dead in targeted attacks.
2014.01.27IraqSamarrah30Three Iraqis are decapitated by al-Qaeda.
2014.01.27PakistanMashokehl30Islamic militants take three family members from their home and execute them in a nearby field.
2014.01.27SyriaRahjan135An al-Nusra suicide bomber murders thirteen people at a checkpoint.
2014.01.27PakistanKhanpur10A Shia leader is picked off by Sunni gunmen outside his home.
2014.01.27ThailandNarathiwat30A 7-year-old girl is among three civilians machine-gunned by suspected 'separatists'.
2014.01.26AfghanistanHelmand613A half dozen civilians in a taxi are torn to shreds by Religion of Peace bombers.
2014.01.26PakistanQuetta10A Sikh is reportedly killed for refusing to pay the jizya.
2014.01.26PakistanPeshawar10Islamic gunmen murder a guard at a Hindu temple.
2014.01.26EgyptSinai49Radical Islamists kill four local soldiers riding a bus.
2014.01.26AfghanistanKabul422A woman is among four people sent to Allah by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.01.26NigeriaRiyom12A Chinese contractor is killed by suspected Boko Haram gunmen.
2014.01.26IraqKirkuk514Five Iraqis are reduced to pulp by Islamist car bombers.
2014.01.26IraqMishahda312A car bomb outside a Sunni mosque leaves three dead.
2014.01.26NigeriaWaga Chakawa5325Fifty-three people at a church service are slaughtered by pro-Sharia gunmen.
2014.01.26PakistanSwat10Mujahid snipers pick off a member of a peace committee.
2014.01.26YemenHadramawt10A police officer is gunned down by al-Qaeda on motorbikes.
2014.01.26IraqHusseiniya20A man and wife are machine-gunned in their own home by 'insurgents'
2014.01.26NigeriaKawuri8540Over eighty villagers a massacred in a brutal assault by Boko Haram Islamists. Many were cut down or burned alive in their own homes.
2014.01.26IraqFallujah40A woman and her three children are exterminated in their own home by Jihadi bombers.
2014.01.26AfghanistanNangarhar28Taliban bombers decimate a wedding party, leaving at least two dead.
2014.01.26EgyptSheikh Zuwayed50Ansar Beit al-Madqis claim responsibility for downing a helicopter with five aboard.
2014.01.26IraqAbu Ghraib80Eight Iraqis are cut down in two shooting and bombing attacks.
2014.01.25IraqJaizan62Radical Sunnis fire rockets into a Shia village, killing six residents.
2014.01.25IraqBaghdad412A Sunni bomb blast in a Shia commercial district leaves four dead.
2014.01.25IraqBaghdad26Two patrons at a shopping district are taken apart by al-Qaeda bombers.
2014.01.25IraqTuz Khormato719Seven people at a restaurant are taken out in mid-bite by Mujahideen bombers.
2014.01.25PakistanKarachi66Six guards at the residence of a secular-leaning political leader are machine-gunned by suspected Taliban.
2014.01.25IraqBaqubah62A woman and child are among six members of a family wiped out by 'insurgents'
2014.01.24ThailandYala23Islamic 'separatists' kill two locals with a roadside bomb.
2014.01.24EgyptCairo573Five people bleed out following an Ansar Beit al-Maqdis shrapnel bomb blast outside a police station.
2014.01.24EgyptCairo18One person is killed by an Ansar Beit al-Maqdis bombing near a metro station.
2014.01.24ThailandPattani22An elderly Buddhist monk is among two people shot to death by Muslim 'separatists.'
2014.01.24AfghanistanBalkh10An 18-year-old is kidnapped, executed and set on fire by Sunni hardliners.
2014.01.24IraqTikrit30A child is among three females taken out in their own home by Mujahid bombers.
2014.01.23EgyptBani Suief52Five policemen are machine-gunned at a checkpoint by radical Muslims on motorbikes.
2014.01.23PakistanPeshawar10A Shia factory owner is cornered and picked off by Sunni extremists.
2014.01.23IraqMosul30Suspected al-Qaeda shoot three people to death inside their home.
2014.01.23AfghanistanQaisar64Six Afghan cops are machine-gunned by Taliban terrorists.
2014.01.23KyrgyzstanIssyk-Kul10A armed group shouting 'Allah Akbar' murder a border guard.
2014.01.23AfghanistanLaghman50Five youth playing volleyball are gunned down in cold blood by Taliban fundamentalists.
2014.01.23IraqJurf al-Sakhar34Jihadis bomb a bus, killing three passengers.
2014.01.23PakistanPeshawar68Children are among the casualties when a bomb planted on an impounded car explodes at a garage.
2014.01.22ThailandYala10Militant Muslims are thought responsible for the drive-by shooting of a teenager.
2014.01.22PakistanTank10Sectarian Jihadis take out a rival cleric.
2014.01.22PakistanKarachi10A prayer leader is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.01.22IraqBaghdad24Terrorists murder two children in an attack on their home.
2014.01.22PakistanBalochistan60'Foreign militants' shoot six guards to death in an attempt to kidnap Western cyclists.
2014.01.22PakistanCharsadda66A child is among six dismantled by a Taliban bombing attack on a team guarding polio workers.
2014.01.22PakistanCharsadda10A Sikh minority is shot to death by suspected Islamic extremists.
2014.01.21PakistanKarachi12A secular politician is assassinated by suspected Islamists.
2014.01.21ThailandNarathiwat15A 21-year-old man guarding a group of teachers is pulled into pieces by a Muslim blast.
2014.01.21PakistanLandhi10A Sunni leader is murdered by sectarian rivals.
2014.01.21PakistanKarachi32Fundamentalists murder three members of a polio vaccination team.
2014.01.21IndiaMadurai10A man is hacked to death by four members of al-Umma.
2014.01.21PakistanMastung2831Over two dozen Shia pilgrims on a bus are massacred by a Lashkar-e-Jhangvi suicide bomber.
2014.01.21LebanonBeirut420Four people are killed when an al-Nusra suicide bomber detonates in a Shia neighborhood.
2014.01.21SomaliaMahaday153Fifteen people are reported dead following an al-Shabaab assault on a village.
2014.01.21YemenSanaa10Sunnis assassinate a Shia law professor.
2014.01.21IraqWajihiya10A Sunni cleric is shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2014.01.21LebanonTripoli758Seven are killed when Sunnis and Shia start shooting at each other.
2014.01.20PakistanRawalpindi1315Thirteen people are ripped to shreds by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.01.20AlgeriaGhardaia13Muslims stab a Berber minority to death in his own home.
2014.01.20SyriaBab al-Hawa1620A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a border crossing with Turkey, killing at least sixteen.
2014.01.20PakistanPeshawar10A Shia religious scholar is assassinated by Sunni rivals.
2014.01.20IraqBaghdad718Jihadis bomb a crowded market, sending seven civilians to Allah.
2014.01.20ThailandPattani20Muslim militants spray a man and woman with bullets as they are heading to the market.
2014.01.20AfghanistanZhari30A 13-year-old girl is among three killed in a Fedayeen suicide assault.
2014.01.20PakistanKarachi30Three innocents are kidnapped and brutally tortured to death after ignoring warnings not to worship at a Shia shrine.
2014.01.20NigeriaAlau Ngawo1912Pro-Sharia gunmen invade a village, firing indiscriminately and killing at least nineteen residents.
2014.01.20NigeriaGwoza34Boko Haram attack a village and murder three residents.
2014.01.20PakistanKarachi10A prominent Shia cleric bleeds to death following a Sunni drive-by shooting.
2014.01.20IraqBaghdad415'Insurgents' set off a bomb near a group of day laborers, killing four.
2014.01.20IraqBaghdad38Jihadis bomb a market, killing three patrons.
2014.01.20IraqBaghdad1426A series of Mujahideen attacks in Sunni neighborhoods leave fourteen dead Iraqis.
2014.01.20NigeriaWulgo11Islamists take out a teacher in his own home with an AK-47.
2014.01.19NigeriaAgatu79Muslims fire into a Christian village, killing seven residents.
2014.01.19PakistanBannu2238Twenty-two local soldiers are ambushed and killed by Sunni fundamentalists.
2014.01.19IraqTuz Khormato720Seven citizens outside a sewage treatment office are wasted by Religion of Peace bombers.
2014.01.19IraqBaiji717Three al-Qaeda attacks produce seven dead Iraqis.
2014.01.19IraqBaqubah50Five Iraqis are machine-gunned point-blank at a checkpoint by al-Qaeda.
2014.01.18IraqKirkuk313Three people at a market are torn to shreds by a Sunni bomb blast.
2014.01.18IraqBeaver Ridge WV Canaan1953A series of Mujahideen bomb blasts produce nineteen dead Iraqis.
2014.01.18IraqBaghdad612Religion of Peace bombers take out six patrons at a shopping mall.
2014.01.18YemenSanaa10An Iranian diplomat dies after being shot in the stomach and chest by Sunni terrorists.
2014.01.18AfghanistanKandahar34The Taliban fire a rocket at a group of youth playing soccer, killing three.
2014.01.18DagestanMakhachkala09Jihadists detonate a car bomb at a restaurant.
2014.01.18PakistanSargodha25Two prominent Sunni activists are gunned down by sectarian Jihadis.
2014.01.17LebanonArsal715Five young children are among seven who bleed to death as rockets are fired from a Hezbollah stronghold into a Sunni neighborhood.
2014.01.17PakistanNazimabad33Tehreek-e-Taliban on motorbikes machine-gun three journalists.
2014.01.17AfghanistanKabul2130Over twenty people at a restaurant die horrifically when a suicide bombing is followed by an automatic weapons assault.
2014.01.17IraqRamadi54A suicide bomber tears the life out of five other people.
2014.01.17SyriaJarabulus120A 2-year-old is among twelve women and children slaughtered in their home by pro-Sharia militants.
2014.01.17PakistanKarachi10Sunni extremists pump a Shia doctor full of bullets outside his clinic.
2014.01.17SyriaJarabulus100The ISIL behead ten men to the tune of "Allah akbar" and plant their heads on stakes.
2014.01.16PakistanPeshawar1165At least eleven people at a worship center are blown to bits by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.01.16IraqBaqubah36Women and children are among the casualties of an Islamic extremist bomb attack on a house.
2014.01.16PakistanLahore10Sunni gunmen take out a prominent businessman simply because he is a Shiite.
2014.01.16PakistanPunjab10Muslim rape and kill a 9-year-old Hindu girl.
2014.01.16YemenBayda1016Three al-Qaeda suicide attacks leave ten security personnel dead.
2014.01.16IraqMishada140Fourteen are kidnapped and killed by militants fighting for an Islamic state. Nine were from the same family.
2014.01.16IraqRamadi35An al-Qaeda suicide bomber takes out three Iraqis.
2014.01.16PakistanMultan20A Shiite leader is assassinated along with his bodyguard by Sunni radicals.
2014.01.16LebanonBeqaa343Three people are disintegrated when an al-Nusra suicide bomber detonates in a Shia area.
2014.01.16IraqTikrit20Two brothers are murdered by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2014.01.15IraqBaghdad512Jihadis bomb a market, sending five shoppers to Allah.
2014.01.15ThailandYala21Islamic 'separatists' murder two guards providing security for teachers.
2014.01.15IraqAin al-Jahsh610Six Iraqis are disassembled by a Mujahid bomb blast.
2014.01.15PakistanLandikotal20Two village guards are cut down by suspected Lashkar-e-Islam.
2014.01.15SyriaAleppo2624An al-Qaeda car bomb leaves over two dozen dead.
2014.01.15NigeriaBanki14One person is killed when a pro-Caliphate group attacks a police station.
2014.01.15IraqKarrada624A half-dozen people in a residential area are pulled into pieces by two car bombs.
2014.01.15IraqMuqdadiya70Seven employees at a brick factory are brutally executed by Islamic 'insurgents'.
2014.01.15IraqBaghdad1232A series of Mujahideen attacks produces a dozen dead Iraqis.
2014.01.15CameroonLimani14A woman is killed during a border attack by Boko Haram.
2014.01.15IraqBuhriz1624Sixteen mourners at a funeral are obliterated by shrapnel from a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2014.01.15IraqDujail57Five people are dismantled by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.01.14IraqKhalis52al-Qaeda gunmen attack the homes of two families and kill five.
2014.01.14SyriaRam Hamdan818Eight people are killed by an ISIL car bombing.
2014.01.14NigeriaMaiduguri1951A Boko Haram blast at a busy market sends twenty shoppers to Allah.
2014.01.14SyriaKantari460Forty-six 'prisoners' are executed by ISIL.
2014.01.14IraqBaghdad613Jihadi bombers strike a popular market, killing a half dozen.
2014.01.14IraqBaghdad717A series of attacks by Islamic terrorists leave seven dead.
2014.01.14IraqQamma310Two children are among three people who bleed to death following a shrapnel attack by 'insurgents'.
2014.01.14IraqTarmiya313Mujahideen execute three Iraqis and injure thirteen more in a separate bombing.
2014.01.14PakistanPeshawar213A bombing and shooting by Islamic extremists takes the lives of two people.
2014.01.14IraqSadr City410Four motorists and bystanders are sent to the great beyond by Religion of Peace bombers.
2014.01.13IraqBaghdad514Five people in a Shia neighborhood are ripped to shreds by a Sunni car bomb.
2014.01.13IraqBaghdad1128A single al-Qaeda car bomb blast at a commercial district leaves eleven dead.
2014.01.13IraqBaghdad834A series of small-scale terror attacks kills eight Iraqis.
2014.01.13SyriaHoms140Fourteen captives are executed by ISIL.
2014.01.13NigeriaKayamula510Pro-Sharia militants storm a village and murder five people.
2014.01.12AfghanistanKabul220A Fedayeen suicide bomber on a bicycle pedals to paradise, taking two bus passengers with him.
2014.01.12NigeriaSabon Gari83Muslim terrorists attack Christians on a Sunday morning, killing at least eight and maiming others.
2014.01.12PakistanShangla64Six people are disassembled by Taliban bombers.
2014.01.12LibyaSirte10A cabinet minister is assassinated by suspected Islamists.
2014.01.12PakistanPeshawar30Three 'apostates' are shot to death by the Taliban.
2014.01.12IraqBaghdad514Five people traveling through a city square are disintegrated by Mujahid bombers.
2014.01.12Yemenal-Shahr40al-Qaeda militants shell a local coast guard camp, killing four occupants.
2014.01.12IraqBaghdad916Jihad car bombers murder eight Iraqis at a bus station.
2014.01.12BangladeshNatore14A Hindu farmer is stabbed to death in front of his wife by militant Muslims.
2014.01.12IraqTuz Khormato1035A pair of car bombs set by suspected al-Qaeda leaves ten dead.
2014.01.11PakistanMalir03Two teenagers are among the casualties when a bomb is thrown onto the roof of a mosque by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.01.11IsraelJerusalem01A 30-year-old Orthodox Jewish man is stabbed in the neck.
2014.01.11BangladeshGaibandha10Islamists murder a young Catholic man for organizing a demonstration against anti-Christian violence.
2014.01.11SyriaSaraqub50Five people are killed in an ISIL suicide bombing.
2014.01.10IraqKut10A 30-year-old teacher bleeds out following a Mujahid bomb blast.
2014.01.10SyriaHama1832Sunni terrorists detonate a car bomb outside a school, wiping out eighteen innocents.
2014.01.10PakistanKarachi10A young Shiite is kidnapped and brutally tortured to death by Sunni extremists.
2014.01.10SyriaDeir Hassan20Two Christians are kidnapped and beheaded by Religion of Peace extremists.
2014.01.09IraqBaghdad2333A suicide bomber murders over twenty young police recruits waiting to register.
2014.01.09IraqRamadi46A Sunni suicide bomber self-detonates, taking four other souls with him.
2014.01.09IraqShirqat23Two students are shot to death by 'insurgents'.
2014.01.09PakistanMardan20Two caretakers at a Sufi shrine are gunned down by sectarian rivals.
2014.01.09RussiaStavropol Krai60Six victims of suspected Islamists are discovered shot in the head.
2014.01.09SyriaAleppo10A Christian is executed for refusing to convert to Islam.
2014.01.09PakistanKarachi311The Taliban exterminate a critic using a suicide bomber.
2014.01.08PakistanPeshawar13A police officer is shot in the back by suspected Taliban.
2014.01.08NigeriaKayamula93Islamists walk into a village and shoot nine residents to death.
2014.01.08NigeriaKano312Boko Haram is suspected of spraying a rival mosque with bullets, killing three worshippers.
2014.01.08IraqBaqubah124Twelve Iraqi security personnel are brought down by an al-Qaeda assault.
2014.01.08IraqTikrit55al-Qaeda militants murder five Iraqis.
2014.01.08SyriaMarmarita11A young Christian is beheaded after Islamists discover him wearing a cross necklace.
2014.01.07IraqKirkuk555Five people at a police station are wasted by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2014.01.07SyriaDarkoush2024A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out twenty other souls.
2014.01.07SyriaAleppo90Nine captured men are shot to death by an al-Qaeda group on video to shouts of 'Allah Akbar'.
2014.01.07IndiaSopore13Islamic militants murder a local cop.
2014.01.07IraqJurf al-Sakhar40A child is among four people killed when al-Qaeda set off a bomb at a house.
2014.01.07PakistanKarachi60Sunni fundamentalists cut the throats of six Sufis for visiting a shrine.
2014.01.07PakistanPeshawar10A Shia bank manager is picked off by Sunni snipers while walking to his car.
2014.01.07IraqSamarrah72Seven local police officers are machine-gunned at their checkpoint by al-Qaeda.
2014.01.07IraqBaghdad120Muslim fundamentalists shoot a dozen sinners to death at a brothel.
2014.01.06AfghanistanJawzjan12An oil worker is brought down by Taliban terrorists.
2014.01.06PakistanHangu12A 14-year-old boy bleeds to death following a suicide bombing at his school.
2014.01.06SyriaAleppo500al-Qaeda-linked militants reportedly execute fifty prisoners at a children's hospital.
2014.01.06IraqTuz Khormatu412Mujahid bombers take out four people at a parking garage.
2014.01.06PakistanMatani21A woman is among two killed when Muslim militants open fire at a market.
2014.01.06YemenLahj10A man suspected of being gay is shot to death by Muslim moralists.
2014.01.06LebanonAkkar10A Shiite man is picked off by a Sunni sniper.
2014.01.06NigeriaRiyom3325Thirty villagers are massacred by Fulani raiders.
2014.01.06BangladeshJessore520Five Hindus are reportedly hacked to death by a mob of Jamaat-e-Islami.
2014.01.06PakistanTirah99Three children are among nine disassembled by a Lashkar-e-Islam bomb.
2014.01.05IraqBaghdad2061'Insurgents' kill twenty Iraqis with a series of bombings, mostly in Shia neighborhoods.
2014.01.05IraqAdhaim60al-Qaeda gunmen summarily execute six civilians.
2014.01.05IraqSadr City510Sunnis set off a car bomb near a restaurant that leaves five dead.
2014.01.05BangladeshDinajpur10A man is beaten to death by Jamaat-e-Islami.
2014.01.05PakistanMultan10Sunnis shoot a 59-year-old Shiite doctor eight times.
2014.01.05BangladeshJamalpur08Eight Catholics are injured during a targeted attack by Islamic extremists.
2014.01.05PakistanKarachi10A prayer leader is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals.
2014.01.05PakistanBaldia20Two people are killed when Tehreek-e-Taliban lob a hand grenade into a shop.
2014.01.04AfghanistanNangarhar10At least one other person is killed during a suicide attack.
2014.01.04AfghanistanGhazni43Four local cops are killed by Taliban bombers.
2014.01.04PakistanTehsil Chowk015Fifteen Shia protesters are clubbed with axes and stones by their Sunni brothers.
2014.01.04ThailandPattani11A man drinking tea at a shop is shot three times in the head by Muslim terrorists.
2014.01.04PakistanKarachi34Three Shiites are gunned down in a targeted attack by Sunnis.
2014.01.04PakistanKarachi20Two Sunni brothers are shot to death by sectarian rivals.
2014.01.04Egyptal-Arish12A local soldier is ambushed and killed by Islamic militants.
2014.01.04PakistanSibi23A bomb planted on a motorcycle takes the lives of two people.
2014.01.03PakistanBahawalpur20In separate attacks, conservative Muslims strangles their sisters on suspicion of sexual misconduct.
2014.01.03PakistanOrakzai13A bomb planted in a seminary by Religion of Peace rivals takes the live of a cleric in training.
2014.01.03EgyptCairo10Muslim Brotherhood activists shoot dead a man who 'yelled insults' from the window of his house.
2014.01.03PakistanIslamabad20Sectarian Jihadis are suspected of a shooting attack that leaves two Sunni leaders dead.
2014.01.03YemenAmran2334Twenty-three people are killed during a clash between Sunni and Shia radicals.
2014.01.03ThailandPattani10A Buddhist is brought down by a Muslim drive-by.

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