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Theists have never been able to explain where their god fairy hides.

Theists are people who believe a creature with unlimited magical powers is hiding somewhere in the universe. They invoke their supernatural magician which they call god or allah to solve scientific problems they don't understand. For example if these idiots don't understand evolution they invoke their fairy's magic wand to explain the development of new species. If they don't understand abiogenesis they invoke their fairy's magical powers to explain the development of the first simple living cells almost four billion years ago. If they don't understand how solar systems develop they invoke their fairy's magic for that. If they don't understand the Big Bang they invoke their magician to explain the beginning of the universe.

Theists have no evidence for their childish god fantasy and they have no idea where it is hiding. All theists are insane but some of the totally whacked out theists claim their fairy showed itself to some ancient humans.

Obviously theists are out of their fucking minds. There are rare exceptions but virtually always their disease is incurable. If they still believe in god bullshit when they reach about age 25 their chance of being cured is almost zero.

A visitor from another planet might think there must be a very small number of people who are infected with magical god bullshit but the unfortunate truth is in some backward countries most of the population has this disease. I live in one of those idiot countries. About 85% of our population believes in a magic fairy. This insane asylum is called the United States of America.

Most of these American idiots believe there was an ancient human who lived 2,000 years ago who was somehow related to the magical master of the entire universe. They call this dead human Jeebus and they claim he could perform magic tricks including resurrecting himself after decomposing for 3 days. They call themselves Christians. If you think they must be severely retarded you are right.



This is perhaps the most important religious implication of evolution. Christian tards got to get rid of the fantasy that says people are a superior species therefore we are god's favorite apes.

We are just one species of many millions of species. We are just one small insignificant twig on the vast tree of life. We are no more intelligent than dolphins, and we are not at the top of the food chain. Every species on earth is better at something than we are. We are equal to cockroaches. Don't forget this.

Here's two important quotes. Christians, read and understand these quotes. Then you should at least try to grow up and throw out your idiotic death cult.

"You know, there’s this pervasive idea in biology that I think is wrong. It goes: we humans are at the pinnacle of the evolutionary tree, and as you get up that tree, brain size must get bigger. But a fly is just as evolved as a human. It’s just evolved to a different niche."
-- Jeremy Niven

"Humans aren't high on the evolutionary scale…there is no evolutionary scale. We aren't the pinnacle of anything."
-- PZ Myers


Why do evolution deniers deny evolution?


There are no supernatural magicians, also known as god or allah, because magic is not real.


I suggest the most important and most brilliant atheist in the world is this guy:

Neil DeGrasse Tyson destroys a fucking idiot.


I found something to add to my list of favorite quotes from Author, atheist Richard Dawkins opens student's eyes.

"Science strives to answer life’s questions and religion strives to preserve ignorance."


I've been interested in some 19th century stuff lately.

I'm reading Moby Dick which was published in 1851.

Several years ago I read Great Expectations which was published in 1860, and last night I watched Great Expectations on PBS TV.

During the same time period some British guy published a book in 1859 that changed the world. It can be read for free at The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online.

For science I prefer more recent books, for example Why Evolution is True which was published in 2009.


I sent the following email to the fucking idiots at

"Have any question regarding Jeebus? Christianity? Faith?"

What evidence do you have for the idiotic disgusting resurrection of the dead Jeebus fantasy? Please notice that dead gullible witnesses are not evidence for anything. Why are willing to throw out virtually all of science to believe in impossible ridiculous things? How can you sleep at night knowing that you are responsible for destroying the minds of innocent children with your insane Jeebus crap?


Why is the god disease out of control in Idiot America? Of course the reason is brainwashing of young children. At Why I am an atheist – Beth I wrote about some ideas I have to fight against this legal child abuse.

Beth’s story shows that science education at the youngest possible age is the best defense against religious indoctrination. In America since most children are not as lucky as Beth to have a parent who loves science, our public schools need to start teaching science including evolution in First Grade. And there must be a law that requires young students sent to religious schools to learn about science from a qualified non-religious teacher.

Better yet religious schools should be illegal because it’s immoral to mentally abuse innocent children. It’s impossible for a government to protect children from their idiot parents but it should be possible to protect children from professional assholes who have made brainwashing children their career.


Try to imagine the massive burning stupidity required to believe any religious fantasy, including all the ridiculous crap in the Bible, and the insane idea there's a supernatural creature with unlimited magical powers hiding somewhere in the universe.


It always surprises me when I can write a comment on a Christian website without being censored. I wrote this comment about the religious implications of evolution at

Human Ape

March 31, 2012 2:27pm

"Fewer than one in five, on the other hand, follow Biologos in affirming an evolutionary process as God's method of creation."

They pollute evolution with a supernatural fantasy which is just as bad as completely denying evolution. A magic god fairy had absolutely nothing to do with the development of new species. Evolution is not "God's method of creation". Evolution makes every god ever invented completely unnecessary.

As usual on a website like this, in the comments the science deniers show they know nothing about what they're denying. No evidence for macroevolution? Then why was I able to find this quote from the best encyclopedia in the world:

"There is probably no other notion in any field of science that has been as extensively tested and as thoroughly corroborated as the evolutionary origin of living organisms."

-- Encyclopedia Britannica

Face facts Christians. 21st century science has made your death cult obsolete.



This comment from a Christian tard is amazing. Only a Christian asshole can pack so much stupidity into one paragraph.

Archbishop of Canterbury calls it a day

No Mathew, atheism fails at delivering the truth too. Thats why you guys have a pre-occupation with attacking religion. Its a way of re-affirming what you believe. If you were confident about your beliefs you wouldn't care about religion, you would move on to focusing on how the atheistic ideology can make the world a better place. -- John Pilger

Atheism doesn't deliver anything. Atheism just means "not theism" or "not believing in supernatural bullshit".

What do you know about truth, moron? Is your cowardly childish heaven fantasy the truth? Was the resurrection of your dead stinking Jeebus into a zombie the truth?

What we believe? Since when did not believing in fairies become a belief you fucking idiot.

We shouldn't care about religion? Should we just ignore you fucking lunatics when you fly airplanes into buildings or threaten biology teachers or brainwash children? Should we just ignore America's two religious wars that have cost us a trillion dollars and thousands of lives? I'll ignore you subhumans when every single one of you either grows up or drops dead.

Atheism is not an ideology. It's just "not theism". The word atheism wouldn't even be necessary if this planet wasn't infested with cowardly gullible morons who are willing to believe any bullshit if it makes them feel good.

Make the world a better place? That's a good idea. A good place to start would be the complete eradication of every religious cult ever invented.


If not for the religious atrocity on 9/11/2001 (3,000 people murdered) America would never have spent the last 10 years wasting thousands more lives in two religious wars. In a world without the god disease (and the cowardly heaven fantasy that makes terrorism possible) there would be no lunatics flying airplanes into buildings and no religious wars.

In the 1st photo a young girl has just lost her father in our religious war in Afghanistan. In the 2nd photo a young wife has just lost her husband in the same war. The 3rd photo (click it to expand it) was made possible by every god-soaked coward who believes in a magical heaven. This is why I can't ignore theist idiocy.


Leonard Slatkin Conducts the BBC Orchestra on September 15 2001 in honor of those who lost their lives a few days prior.

Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, op.11

Samuel Barber - Adagio for Strings, op.11. Uncut

A comment I wrote at one of these YouTube videos:

I remember the support the UK gave to the USA after the 9/11 atrocities. The British even played America's national anthem. The USA and the UK will always be the best of friends.


I wrote the following comment (which will probably be censored) at a fucking idiot's website:

"But one thing remains certain — Jesus died on the cross and rose again 3 days later. That’s not just faith — it’s FACT — and there’s a strong historical foundation to support this."

I can understand why you would want to defend the resurrection of Jeebus. It's the most important fantasy of Christianity and if people stopped believing it your religion would go extinct.

I didn't see all your stuff, but I can't imagine you having enough (or any) evidence. Evidence for fantastic claims needs to be extremely powerful. Even a movie of the event (which you don't have) wouldn't be good enough for an idea that requires throwing out almost all of science.

The problem for Christians is the Resurrection has to be true. How much longer can this fantasy survive in a world of never ending scientific progress? If you could come back in a few centuries I doubt you would find very many Christians.

What bugs me is innocent children are being brainwashed with this weird stuff. It's not right.


A superintendent of public schools in some hick town in northern Minnesota (it's near the north pole) wants to stick magical intelligent design creationism (JEEBUS DID IT) into biology education. A news website wrote about it and there were comments. I wrote a few comments and I expect most of them will be censored. One person who is on the side of science wrote that not all creationists are stupid, they're just ignorant. I totally disagree with that idea. If a person believes in supernatural magic (every theist on this planet) then that person is a fucking idiot, as retarded as it's possible to be. It's pointless to be nice about it. Creationists (and anyone who belongs to an organization infested with creationists) are extraordinarily stupid. They're fucking morons and they need to be ridiculed, laughed at, and told to fuck off and shut the fuck up.




Some more totally off topic stuff:

This blog gets quite a few visitors from other parts of the world (not Idiot America) and I would bet many of them have never heard American country music before. Here's a good example. Amarillo, by the way, is the largest city of the Texas Panhandle.

Amarillo By Morning



The most exciting audio I've heard in my life:,0,3916188.story

The best test of a person's character is how they react in an extreme emergency. Does the person panic or does he or she calmly do what is necessary to survive. This 80 year old grandma passed the test.


Nine years of my youth was wasted at a Catholic school, kindergarten thru 8th grade. I will never forget the massive bullshit I had to put up with. One half century later I still have a burning hatred for all priests and nuns. They are all guilty of mental child abuse and I would like to see every single one of these fucking assholes hung from a rope.

Want to see some extreme stupidity? Here it is:


Idiot America is as backward today as it was in 1925.



I suggest it should be legal to kick fucking idiots in the head a few thousand times to knock some sense into them.

There are many professional idiots and there are even more amateur idiots. The amateurs imitate the burning stupidity of the professional assholes.

I wrote a comment for this amateur moron at

"evidence of design in nature"

If you were honest you would write "evidence of MAGIC in nature".

I know you're not going to publish my comments and that's fine with me. Just be aware that the entire scientific community knows you people are deluded, uneducated, and extremely dishonest about everything including your own childish magic fantasies.


This blog really sucks. The person who owns it (me) is a lousy writer and he's boring. To solve this problem I'm going to provide a list of other places to visit that are much better than this place. I will add to this list (which is going to be right here) as I discover interesting blogs and other websites. I'm going to add one website I just found, then I will add more later. Also, more blogs can be found in the 45 posts at the label

1. At Inspiring Science I found an interesting post at Five common biology myths.

2. America's social conservatives are fucking idiots and they have my contempt. I'm an economic conservative. I love capitalism. Except for a few things (like protecting the environment) I have no use for governments which often get in the way of economic progress. I'm also an atheist so of course I like the website at Don't go there if you're a liberal because it might make you cry. Or maybe you should go there. You might learn something. Just like I encourage creationists to find out why they're wrong about evolution, I encourage liberals (who I admit have some good ideas like protecting endangered species) to find out why they're wrong about what is best for the economy. Hint: soaking rich pigs with higher taxes is not a good idea. I encourage liberals to buy a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and read their editorials. Everyone should read both the liberal New York Times and the conservative Wall Street Journal. They're both right about some things and wrong about other things. The Wall Street Journal by the way is very pro-evolution and they even had an article written by the famous atheist Richard Dawkins which you can read HERE.

3. An amazing British lady has a website at which has an interesting post at

4. I recommend Reading Frame. In one post she explains why it makes no sense for a scientist to have supernatural fantasies. The post is at and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm going to copy and paste it. Here it is:

" I think that in order to be a religious scientist you must have a serious amount of cognitive dissonance going on. Science is about fact; it is about empirical exploration of our world. It depends upon logic, thinking critically, and the ability to weigh evidence.

Religion, on the other hand, is about faith (defined as belief without evidence). It is wholly dependent on the suspension of faculties relating to critical thinking. If one were to go out and look for evidence for a supernatural being, or for evidence that the bible is more than a collection of tribal legends written by bronze age goatherds, then you would come up with an awful lot of nothing.
You must therefore demand rigorous scientific testable evidence for one part of your life and accept faith as the only explanation for the other portion of your life. Dissonance it truly is, if one is to accept both."
Wikipedia defines cognitive dissonance at

5. The lady who owns has an interesting post about PZ at Many Meetings with PZ Myers.

In light of that, I’m going to play up the sizzle more than the steak. PZ promised he’d trash the Bible in his talk. I figured he meant he’d trash-talk it, but no – he ripped Genesis right out of the Gideon Bible he’d filched, and waved it about at several points in his talk. His point: the “science” contained within that page and a half is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t encompass the whole of creation within a few verses of awful poetry. He compared that page and a half to the reams of papers tracing just the evolution of the eye. That was a stark example of the paucity of science in scripture. “This is not enough to be talking about science,” he said as he rattled it. And he pointed out another flaw: Genesis talks about the waters and the fish, but where are the squid?

6. I never imagined having more contempt for Muslim scum than I already had, but then I read this blog:

7. Kansas is one of the most god-soaked anti-science states of Idiot America. The Christian war against science education has a long history in Kansas. The governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, is an evolution denier. In 1999 the Kansas State Board of Education voted to eliminate evolution from the state teaching standards. This decision was later reversed but it shows the people of Kansas are hopelessly stupid. However not everyone in Kansas is a fucking idiot. The capital of Kansas, Topeka, has an organization called the Atheist Community of Topeka.

8. The Naked Scientists are at and and

They wrote about whale evolution at




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