Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Charles Darwin killed the ridiculous Magic Man fantasy.

I explained this before but one more time to help people understand.

Christians don't understand because they're not too bright. Muslim terrorists don't understand because they're insane. Even some atheists don't understand.

The idea goes like this:

Charles Darwin (and thousands of other biologists) have repeatedly shown evolution by natural selection is how the world works. Evolution has become the strongest fact of science.

We know every species exists or did exist thanks to evolution and we know a god fairy's magic wand had nothing to do with it. If something as complex as the development of new species did not require a fairy's magical powers then it's fair to say the magical thing was never necessary for anything else.

That's it. Nothing could be more simple. Charles Darwin killed God in 1859 when he published On the Origin of Species.

A Christian retard would say their fairy invented evolution as if there would be no natural selection without a fairy making that possible. Christians are Christians because they're just plain fucking stupid.

Some atheists might say evolution kills the Genesis fantasy but not the other stuff. I call these people "atheist wimps".

An agnostic fucktard might say we can't be sure a magic fairy is not real. Agnostics are agnostics because they can't grow up and making a fucking decision. The stupid, it burns.

Not everyone got the 'Darwin killed God' memo but eventually everyone will understand. In the future the god-soaked will be found only in mental facilities which is where they belong now.

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